Download songs from VK without programs, through online services

Downloading a playlist from VK is not as difficult as it might initially seem, although the administration of the social network does not support users who decide to get songs and musical compositions for themselves. But in the modern world it is difficult to establish prohibitions that cannot be circumvented. Various craftsmen and programmers regularly create new services, programs and applications that allow access to music.

There are also legal options for downloading the playlist, approved by the administration of the social network. They are not inferior in efficiency to the approaches mentioned above, since they allow you to do without unnecessary complex actions.

The fact that not all currently existing services are equally safe deserves special attention. Some utilities and files can cause serious harm to computers and phones. In this case, in the best case, the user will lose access to his own account. And in the worst case, a large-scale equipment breakdown is possible, requiring serious repairs and a visit to the service center.

How to download music from VK to a computer?

Currently, it is still possible to save audio recordings from VK to a computer or phone - the page owner does not have to put up with the strict conditions of the social network and simply listen to music without being able to download it to a hard drive or transfer it to a flash drive.

However, a number of previously working plugins and online applications have ceased to function; This is due to the update of the terms of use and, accordingly, the source code of the most popular Russian social network. Perhaps the situation will return to normal in the future; On the contrary, it may happen that there will be even fewer “functional” means of downloading new compositions for users of Google Chrome, Mozilla and Opera.

For now, don’t waste your time on the following online services and plugins:

  • VK Video & Music Downloader;
  • VKOpt;
  • MusVK;
  • VKSaver (only in outdated edition).

Important: in addition, it will not be possible to download audio in MP3 or any other format using the source code of the “full” version of VKontakte; An alternative way to save audio recordings without resorting to third-party tools will be discussed below.

So, if you succeeded in recognizing the music from a video on VK, but the downloading is not yet in order, you can get down to business - any of the methods described below for a computer will take no more than a few minutes.

Page source code

As already mentioned, you won’t be able to download music from VK using the “stationary” version. The account owner must switch to mobile - by the way, no less convenient and functional. How to save a song:

  • Launch any convenient browser. To simplify further manipulations, it is recommended to temporarily use Google Chrome - however, the user can remain in their familiar environment, which will slightly increase the time spent searching for development tools. Enter the link in the address bar and follow it, then log in to the system. Open the “Music” section.

  • Right-click on the audio recording you like and select “View source code” from the context menu.

  • In the panel that opens on the right, switch to the Network tab.

  • Next is the Media section.

  • Start playing a song - it doesn’t matter whether it was previously selected or any other.

  • Wait for the music link to appear in Media.

  • And by right-clicking on it, select the Open in new tab option.

  • The song will open, as the user requested, in a new tab. To download it to your computer, you need to click on the three vertical dots.

  • And select the “Download” option.

  • The file will be saved in MP3 format.

  • And, as you can see in “Properties”, in the best quality - but without a name and any tags: the account owner will have to register them independently.

  • Although batch saving of music from VK to a computer or laptop in this mode is impossible, the user can start and listen to several songs at once without closing the console - and then simply follow each of the links that appear in the Media section.

Important: when using the “full” version of VKontakte, links to songs are also displayed - however, downloading more than two exciting seconds of the melody will not work.


A convenient and extremely pleasant to use plugin for Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other popular browsers, which allows you to save VKontakte audio recordings both individually and in batch mode. Finding and installing it is as easy as finding out your ID in VK; The page owner will need:

  • Log in and go to the “Music” section.

  • And choose any song or playlist.

  • There is no need to click on the “Download all” button: after the next VK update, the plugin lost the ability to save all music in one click. The user will receive a set of files with the MP3 extension, but none of them can be played.

  • But by hovering the mouse over any of the lines in the playlist.

  • And left-click on the downward-facing arrow.

  • The account owner will appear on the online program page. Here, after reading the message that it is impossible to download music from VK using previously working algorithms.

  • He must click on the download button next to any of the tracks.

  • You can download one song at a time or all at once. The caching process takes a few seconds.

  • After which the user gets the opportunity to save VKontakte music to the hard drive - just as easily as deleting all entries in VK.

  • It’s especially pleasing that the found track is downloaded in the best quality, and all the tags prescribed by the creators remain in their places - as well as the correct file name.

  • The user can pre-check the bitrate of any audio recording by clicking on the question mark icon next to the “Download” button. The information is generally true - however, it is worth considering that due to the nature of encoding, the maximum value may be slightly overestimated: you should not count on more than 320 kb/s.

Important: the user can download music from VK charts in the same way; in this case, as in the above example, the entire playlist to which the song belongs opens on a new page.


You can save VKontakte music using this plugin as quickly and easily as there are means for each task. The account owner only needs:

  • Log into your account, go to the “Music” tab and select any song or playlist.

  • If you plan to download all the audio recordings from the list to your computer’s hard drive, click on the “Download all” button.

  • And wait until the caching and saving of the music finishes.

  • The user can stop the process at any time using the “Stop” link.

  • To download any of the tracks individually, you need to hover your mouse over it and click on the downward-facing arrow located on the right.

  • As a result, the user will receive a working MP3 file - as in the previously given examples, in the best quality, but without “hard-wired” tags.

Important: downloading music from VK charts using this free plugin occurs in exactly the same way; The only exception is that audio recordings “by subscription” are not available to the user.


The online application, distributed both as a desktop program and as plug-ins for browsers, allows a VK user to download any freely available song for free. After installing the plugin you need:

  • Select any track or playlist to download.

  • It is not possible to save all audio recordings at once using the plugin. The user will have to hover over each song in sequence.

  • And, having received information about the size and approximate bitrate of the file.

  • Click on the downward-facing arrows, and then wait until the music is cached and loaded onto your computer’s hard drive.

  • As in the previous case, the service saves songs from VK in the best quality and with “human” names, but without tags - if there is a need for them, the user will have to edit the information about the audio recording himself.


An extremely good online service that allows you to download VKontakte music for free and without restrictions. To save any song you like, the account owner must:

  • Go to the link in any convenient browser and click on the “Login and download music” button.

  • Allow the program to use publicly available profile data.

  • Enter the name of the song, artist or album in the search bar and click on the magnifying glass icon.

  • Select the desired track in the list that appears and click on the button to the left of it to download from VK.

  • Wait until caching finishes and select a location to save the song.

  • The audio recording will be saved in the best bitrate and with a clear name, but again without tags; When you finish working with the online service, it is recommended to exit it using the corresponding button in the upper right corner of the page.

Browser cache

Far from the fastest and easiest, but a working way to download music from VK on a computer or laptop is to look into your browser cache. In it, as the name suggests, playback data is stored until the end of the session or even longer - however, without natural names and extensions.

It is hardly worth resorting to this option, having the ones listed above at your disposal; however, if VKontakte once again updates its algorithms and plugins with online applications stop functioning, the user will still be able to save the audio recording - albeit after spending more effort on it.

To find your favorite song in the browser cache, you will need:

  • Open Windows Explorer and go to drive C.

  • Next, go to the “Users” folder.

  • And to the current user's directory.

  • At this stage, in the “View” section of the ribbon, select the “Show hidden elements” option - otherwise you won’t be able to get to the cache.

  • By opening the AppData folder that has become visible.

  • The owner of the computer must move to the Local directory.

  • The caches of all browsers installed on the system are stored here; in the example above, these are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Now the user has to find the Cache subdirectory in the appropriate directory. This can be done either using the built-in search, or by sequentially moving from folder to folder. So, in order to be in the Google Chrome cache, you should.

  • Open Chrome subfolders.

  • User Data.

  • Default.

  • And Cache.

  • Here, by setting sorting by modification date, the user can find files of the appropriate size.

  • Now all that remains is to select the “Rename” option for each of them.

  • And assign the MP3 extension.

Important: if a VKontakte song has not been listened to completely, the user will either not find the required cache at all, or will receive only part of the composition as an output, which is not always playable in the player.

Download music through the online service Videoder

Unfortunately, VKontakte developers have limited freelance functionality, and downloading music from VK without programs has become unrealistic.

The method described below requires installing a special application on your mobile phone - Videoder. It works with VK and allows you to specify the format and bitrate of the final musical composition.

Videoder is a free app, but you won't find it on Google Play. You can download the rocking chair from the link:

Instructions on how to download songs from VK via Videoder:

  1. After installing the application, go to the application shell - under your data, entering your login and password.
  2. Select the desired song from the playlist.
  3. To download the track, click on the red download button.
  4. Specify the extension, sound quality (bitrate).
  5. Specify the Videoder folder for downloading music.
  6. The download progress will be tracked in the notification panel.

How to download music from VK to your phone?

The account owner can download music from VK and using an Android phone. This can be done in several ways; The fastest and most convenient ones are listed below.

Kate Mobile

The easiest and most convenient way to save an audio recording from VK on an Android smartphone is to install the third-party Kate Mobile client and log in to it. Now the user must:

  • Click on the magnifying glass icon located in the upper right corner.

  • Select the "Audio" search option.

  • Enter the name of the song in the search bar.

  • In the list that appears, find the desired song and tap on it.

  • Select “Play with” in the context menu.

  • Another option, the use of which will be shown below, is “Save to cache”.

  • As a playback method, select any download manager, for example, ADM Pro.

  • Click on the “Upload” button and wait until the song is loaded into the device’s memory.

  • Another way to save a song is to go to the “Audio Cache” section in your profile.

  • Tap on a song previously added to the playlist.

  • And select the same option - “Play with help”.

  • If a VK user already has recordings saved in their profile, they can be downloaded from the “Audio” section.

Important: in the latter case, you can save music to the memory of your Android device by expanding the built-in player to full screen - so that the timeline is visible. The procedure for further actions is identical to that described above.

Cash VKontakte

To save a song using the official VK mobile client, the user needs to:

  • Launch the application and go to the “Music” section.

  • Start the composition.

  • And, expanding the player to full screen, wait until it is completely cached.

  • Log in to any file manager with the ability to view hidden files and open internal memory.

  • Go to the .vkontakte directory (exactly like that, with a dot in front).

  • Next - into the cache subdirectories.

  • And audio.

  • This is where the music you just listened to will be contained. To make it playable on third-party players, you need.

  • Rename the file by adding the .MP3 extension.

  • Ready! The owner of an Android phone received the required composition. For further systematization, it is recommended to change the file name to something more appropriate to the content - however, this is no longer necessary.

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