How many complaints does it take to block a VKontakte page?

How many complaints does it take to get a VK page blocked?

Today, millions of people use the VKontakte service. This service has many useful functions and new ones are added every day. One of the functions is to block the user account.

How many complaints does it take to get a VK page blocked?

The question of how many complaints a VK page needs to get blocked is of interest to many users of this social network. There are often situations when a social network user behaves incorrectly, so the desire to limit his account is entirely justified. As a rule, VK administrators check various public pages and user profiles for violations, but the effectiveness of this method is not always high. And purely physically, administrators cannot keep track of all VKontakte pages and public pages.

Therefore, there is such a way to block a user’s page as a complaint. To block an account, 10 complaints from different users are required. Sometimes, if there are serious offenses, the address will be blocked even after one request. The principle of blocking is simple: you select any messages or publications in the feed you are viewing and click on the “Complain” button.

Selected posts must contain one of the following violations:

  • insults to others
  • slander
  • inciting ethnic hatred
  • propaganda of narcotic substances, including “digital” ones
  • extremist materials
  • sexual content
  • propaganda of illegal actions (crimes)
  • violation of the rights of minor users
  • confidential information
  • suicide propaganda
  • animal abuse
  • violation of other laws of the Russian Federation and citizens' rights

An exact list of all violations can be found on the VKontakte User Agreement website -

Next, you need to select the desired violation, click on it and send your appeal to VK administrators.

If your complaint is true, the offender’s profile will soon be blocked. However, any violator has the opportunity to unblock the account after a certain time by filling out a recovery form.

Then, how many complaints about a VK page does it take for it to be blocked forever? Basically, permanent blocking is possible in case of repeated violations of the user agreement, phishing, extortion and other offenses.

Thus, any VK user can resort to this method to block the intruder.

How to complain about a group, community, public VKontakte

First, choose what exactly you want to complain about:

Report a person in a group

If someone insulted you in a group, first complain to the administrators of this group (usually they are listed in the “Contacts” section on the group page). If the administrator takes your side, then he can ban this person, and he will no longer cause trouble for anyone in the group. In addition, you can complain about a person to the VKontakte administration, as described above.

Report a group to get blocked

About this here:

  • How to complain about a VKontakte group

How long does it take to freeze a page on VK?

How long a page in VK is frozen depends on the reasons and number of blockings. If the user has committed a crime for the first time and has not committed the most serious “crime” by the standards of the social network, the term will not be long. But for repeated violations of the rules, the account may be suspended for several days or deleted forever, blocking the possibility of recovery.

How long is a VK page blocked based on user complaints?

The blocking time at the request of other people or moderators does not have clear boundaries and is different each time. The deadlines for users have one thing in common: defrosting the page is allowed only after the specified date.

How long does it take to freeze a page on VKontakte once?

For new violators, the length of the first term is usually one day. The maximum rules allow the administration to suspend a profile for three days. After this time, it becomes possible to restore the page to its previous form. You don't have to do anything supernatural - just click the appropriate link and follow the instructions.

For repeated complaints

The second time, the blocking period for requests will be longer. How long a page on VKontakte is frozen depends on the offense:

  • for serious violations they are sent to think for up to 2 weeks;
  • for minor reasons such as spam - at the discretion of the account owner.

Further, the period will only increase. After the second “punishment”, it is better not to violate the rules of the social network - a lifetime ban “arrives” with the third blocking.

For suspicious activity

If no complaints have been filed against the profile, the system can block the page. Why is this happening? Some actions, such as sending identical messages or posts with suspicious content, are similar to the actions of spammers or scammers.

The page is frozen until manual recovery by the user. It's easy to return your profile:

  • log into your account from your computer;
  • Enter the phone number and the sent code in the appropriate field;
  • change the password to a more complex one.

How to find out how long a VK page has been frozen

There is only one way to find out how long the page will be frozen - read the message from the administration. To do this, log in to the site using your username and password and study the information provided. If your account was suspended due to complaints, you will see in the message the reason for the suspension, the start and end dates. If the profile was frozen due to suspicious activity, the user will not find any mention of the punishment period - the system will offer to immediately proceed to recovery.

Ways to report other social network users and scammers

To limit an Instagram user’s actions, they use 2 internal service options: the “Complain” button and directly contacting technical support for help (“Report a problem”).

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The complaint process consists of the following steps:

  1. In the application, go to your profile / open a post.
  2. Click on the menu (3 dots).
  3. Select the “Complain” option.
  4. Indicate the reason for your request (spam, inappropriate content).
  5. You clarify (justify) your point of view after the administration’s reaction.

Comments are blocked after clicking on a comment. The “Attention” icon in the form of an exclamation mark becomes active, and the service asks you to describe the problem in more detail.

A complaint about a publication must be checked in the “Why” box, after which the comment will be sent.

Submission of an official complaint is carried out in any form. The initiator states his position regarding the blogger’s actions and attaches a proof file. If the page owner denies the statement or Instagram does not detect abuse, the ban will be lifted.

How many complaints does it take to block a VKontakte page?

How many complaints are needed to block a VKontakte page is not particularly advertised on the site. The average user does not need information - this way anyone can gather a group of friends and freeze the account of someone they don’t like. But there is no secret answer to the question; if desired, the numbers can be easily found on the Internet or checked with representatives of the social network. We'll tell you how many hits it actually takes to ban a profile, and for what offenses the administration suspends pages.

How many complaints does it take to block a VK page?

The company has moderators who monitor personal accounts and communities for money. But the site is a project with a huge scope, and it is simply impossible to track every person. That is why the social network has introduced a complaint system. Regular users have the right to notify the administration about unwanted content and make others’ stay on the site more comfortable.

How many complaints are needed to block a page on VK depends on the situation. There can be 2 options for the development of events.

  1. In standard situations, when a user behaves inappropriately, spams or posts explicit photos, 10 complaints from different people will be required to suspend the profile. To tap on a recording, click the “tick” on the right side and select the appropriate item from the drop-down list. A complaint about a page is sent directly from the offender’s profile: click on the three dots under the avatar, and then on the fourth action.
  2. In emergency cases, only one “denunciation” is needed. So, if you encounter ransomware, you can write a request to support, and after processing, someone else’s profile will be banned.

Just remember to include evidence of prohibited actions. Screenshots or videos from the screen with correspondence will do.

List of violations

The reasons why social network users are blocked are determined by the laws of the country and the rules of Internet etiquette. Distribution violations include:

  • spam – publicly and in private messages;
  • insulting people on any grounds;
  • “adult” content, materials from the extremist list;
  • propaganda of crimes, drugs;
  • calls for violence, suicide;
  • shocking photos and videos;
  • child pornography.

It is not worth breaking the rules of the site for the sake of interest and checking the work of the moderators. Some points lead not only to blocking, but also to criminal sentences.

How to appeal

Since the system is imperfect, no one will freeze spammers’ pages forever. A user who has committed a less serious “crime” has the right to unblock the account within the time specified in the message. The method is simple:

  • log into your profile from your computer, read the reason and duration of the freeze;
  • click "Restore";
  • take a simple internet safety test;
  • change your password.

The main reasons for closing someone else's account on Instagram

Pages on Instagram are blocked at the initiative of the service administration or another interested party. In the first case, the reason for “freezing” will be a violation of the user agreement, in the second – the personal request of the initiator.

You can complain in different situations; the guide describes in detail what to do in each specific case.

Possible reasons for account blocking:

  1. Use of third-party promotion services (mass following, mass liking).
  2. Plagiarism or other actions contrary to copyright law (deviation from licensing requirements for content).
  3. Exceeding the limits on likes, comments, publications (for 1 hour).
  4. Intrusive advertising with commercial offers in Direct.
  5. Spam in any form.
  6. Aggression, threats, inappropriate behavior, use of profanity, propaganda.
  7. Publication of inappropriate materials, incl. antisocial nature (violence, incitement to hatred, eroticism, etc.).
  8. Using brands (logos) to mislead subscribers.
  9. Violation of the confidentiality of other people's data (showing a passport, credit card, phone number, etc.).
  10. Maintaining a “fake” account, presenting yourself as a non-existent person.

Each reason for blocking is considered by the Instagram administration on an individual basis. If they are not detected, the author may never know that his profile was verified. This happens, for example, when a user is banned due to personal hostility. The opponent does not provide essential information to the support service (about the fact of a violation of the service rules), and his complaint is rejected. There can be dozens and hundreds of such claims, so beginners should not be afraid of non-recognition by the audience.

Exclusively for violations of personal privacy, Instagram has a detailed complaint form.

To block a user's page forever, he must be caught violating it. Moreover, deleting “banned” publications or comments will not help correct the situation. The person filing the complaint sends technical support a “screenshot” or other evidence documenting this fact.

How many complaints does it take to get banned from VK?

  • According to VK rules, 10 complaints from users are required. The VKontakte administration decides to block an account if it considers that the complaints are well-founded and actually violate the rules (porn, drugs, extremism, terrorism, pedophilia and other dirt).
  • It is necessary that complaints against the user be justified, since the administration will check all your complaints. And if the complaints are unfounded, the administration will ignore them. It’s another matter if the user violates something, then he can be banned (although I don’t know if one complaint will be enough).
  • So that on the social network quot;VKontaktequot; To block a user, you need at least 10 complaints from different VK users, or the presence of prohibited materials on his page, such as porn. And if you write complaints yourself, they are unlikely to respond.
  • The spam spread by ill-wishers on VKontakte is sometimes very annoying. In order to ban such a page, at least 10 votes from different users are required. Typically, spam contains either adult themes or regular advertising.
  • In order for a bass to be blocked, you need to collect at least ten complaints; they can also be blocked because you are sending spam, or your page has been hacked, and someone is actively sending letters instead of you.
  • There should be at least 5 complaints, but of course 10-15 are better, from different users. Here it is also important to take into account the validity of the complaints, how many of them he had in total or whether they were there at all and for what. And only after such an analysis the Administration will make its verdict.
  • If the complaint is justified (for example, drug advertising, porn, harsh insults, spam), then sometimes even 1 complaint is enough to block a user. The administrator reviews it and bans the offender. But as far as I know, the ban is temporary, and after a while the user can fully use the services of VKontakte.

    But if you just want someone to be banned, you need the quot; complainquot; button. About 15 people clicked. He will be banned, and after the investigation, the administration will remove the block or extend it.

    I also heard that there are special programs on the Internet that can be used to make many complaints about a VKontakte user. But I can’t say how effective they are.

  • 10 complaints.

    This is exactly how many complaints from different users are needed for a group or page to be blocked.

    And remember: when sending a complaint, you must indicate the reason. The complaint will be considered and if it is confirmed, it will be taken into account. You can’t just write complaints, you can earn a minus yourself.

  • Most likely, the administrators will consider the reason for your complaint, but if not, then the complaints will be ignored no matter how many times you send them. But if this person really did something and a complaint was received against him, then he will be banned anyway
  • usually ten complaints about the social network account quot; in contactquot; It’s enough for a person’s page to be temporarily blocked. but more often blocking occurs due to spam, content posted by you that does not comply with the rules of quot; in contactquot; or your direct violation of the law, for example, inciting ethnic hatred or distributing child porn.
  • In order to ban a group or page on the popular social network quot; VKontaktequot; You need at least 10 complaints from different users. Moreover, the reasons for the complaint must be justified and reasoned.

How to file a complaint correctly so that it is considered quickly

Complaints about some rule violations require you to clarify. How to prove that a user is posting incorrect content? Imagine how many such requests go through moderators per day. Yes, automatic algorithms work too, but in some cases you need to consider a real person. And he will not read a long and incomprehensible letter from you. Therefore, you should formulate your message concisely, avoid unnecessary details, and provide as much evidence as possible.

How to Freeze a VK Page - Block, Complain

Here you need to understand what exactly you want to do “freeze the VK page”? Freeze your page for a while, or the page of a person, even an entire community, let's figure it out in order.

Quick navigation:

Freeze (delete) your VKontakte page.

The reasons for freezing a page can be very different, for example, a person out of boredom wants to attract attention to himself. Or, on the contrary, a person understands that daily presence on the VKontakte social network prevents him from studying, working, and paying attention to reality.

To remove the freeze from your page, you need to delete it (don’t be afraid, if you want to restore your page, you can do this without any problems). About how to properly delete (freeze) your page (See Deleting your VKontakte page).

Freeze a VKontakte user page.

Here, too, there may be a whole host of reasons to freeze the page, from banal irritation with a person, you don’t like his actions, statements, etc. Maybe this person is a scammer, a spammer, a foul speaker...

To freeze a person, you need to send a complaint against him and indicate the reason for blocking, support service specialists will make their decision and freeze the violator’s page, or they can also ban, this is practiced when the violations are very serious.

Click the icon with three dots under the main photo (avatar), then in the drop-down menu, select “Send a complaint.” A window will open where you can indicate a violation, which in your opinion should lead to blocking of this account.

Reasons for complaint: - Pornography. - Sending spam. - Bad behavior. — An advertising page that clogs the search. — Clone of my page (or my old page).

Also describe the essence of the complaint in the comment.

Please note that at the very bottom there is an option to check the box.
“Close access to my page” is essentially the same as sending it to the “black list”. Explanation from the Technical Service. VKontakte support.

Report a page from your phone.

You can go to the full version of VKontakte, and similarly with the method above, send a complaint. In order to switch to the full version of VK, select “Full version” in the menu. From the VK mobile application, there is only the ability to block a user’s page.

How to block or send a person to the blacklist (emergency).

You also don’t have to wait for technical specialists. support, will consider the complaint and can freeze the page, send the person to the “emergency” - “black list”. If you block a user, send him to emergency situations, he will not be able to write to you, or in any other way be active in your direction on VKontakte. You simply won’t see it anymore, at least from the page you blocked.

If the person is your friend, then first remove him from your friends.

How to block from your phone.

In the VK mobile application, open the user’s page, click on the name at the top and select “Block”/

In the mobile version through the browser, go to the full version. Menu (three bars) - “Full version”, then similar to the method from a computer, block it.

How to complain and block a VKontakte group (community).

To begin with, it is better to weigh the pros and cons of blocking a community; it may be enough that you unsubscribe from it. But if you really want VKontakte moderators to block the group, then do it. Each news, post from a group (community) has three dots at the top, in the right corner (...), hover over them, then click “Complain”. It is up to moderators from the support service to freeze a group page until the violations are eliminated, or forever.

How to find out who complained

It is impossible to identify the initiator of the temporary “freeze” of the page. During the entire check, the user cannot communicate in Direct, like or comment on posts. Then his profile is blocked. Interaction with Instagram is only available through email. In the event of a warning, the information is sent as an internal alert.

So, to block an Instagram account, 1 justified complaint, several complaints about spam or inappropriate content are enough. The service administration notifies you of any actions that contradict its policies.

How many complaints does it take to block a VKontakte page?

Program for ban on VKontakte

In the Internet , to the question How many complaints does VKontakte need to block a page? (to another user) given by the author Vyacheslav Remesnik the best answer is that one complaint may be enough if you argue correctly, but this is unlikely, because they are not immediately considered. The bigger, the better

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Answer the question:

When should you complain to technical support?

Common reasons why you should file a complaint with Odnoklassniki technical support:

  1. You noticed a fake profile page - an unknown person created a page identical to yours. This is mostly done for unscrupulous purposes. The attacker may contact your friends and ask to borrow money or carry out other bad deeds on your behalf. You need to report a page.
  2. Personal messages regularly receive threats and insults from another user.
  3. A fraudulent user sends spam in private messages.
  4. Found photographs, videos or music prohibited by law.

How to cancel a complaint on Instagram

Instructions on how to withdraw a claim sent to technical support:

  • [email protected] as the addressee ;
  • write the petition number;
  • explain that you intend to cancel the complaint;
  • add content that will help you correctly identify the materials that are being sued;
  • messenger employees will send a notification with confirmation.

A complaint about an Instagram account regarding certain posts is easier to respond to. Simply select the “Show Post” command to return the content to display.

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What happens if you complain about a page on Instagram?

If support staff regularly receive complaints about one account, action may be taken. Sometimes it comes to completely blocking the user. The indicated situation is most likely when the administration is faced with a case of plagiarism.

A person whose data is used by unscrupulous entities has the right to complain about falsification. But it is imperative to convince the company of the authorship of the published images. Proof of identification may be required. If you follow the established rules, you will be able to quickly restore justice.

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