How to recover a VKontakte account: if it was hacked or blocked

Deleting the personal page of a user of the VKontakte social network is a rather multifaceted matter. On the one hand, this can be done without any unnecessary problems, using the standard functionality; on the other hand, it all depends on the owner of the profile and his personal preferences.

Today, if we compare the situation with what it was several years ago, the administration has taken care of users who may want to deactivate their page. Due to this, the standard VKontakte settings interface contains specialized functionality that gives any person the opportunity to delete a profile. In addition, VK has some kind of hidden settings, by completing which you can deactivate your account.

Before deactivating your own VKontakte page, it is extremely important to understand what exactly you want. For example, perhaps you want to delete a profile only temporarily, or vice versa forever in the shortest possible time.

In all cases of deactivating a VK profile, you will need patience, since instant deletion is currently impossible; this is necessary for the security of users’ personal data.

Please note that each proposed method involves the use of the standard VKontakte interface, displayed through any Internet browser. If you use a mobile device or special applications, the removal method may simply not be available to you.

Method 1: Uninstall via Settings

The method of deleting a VKontakte account through the basic settings is the easiest and most accessible method for everyone. However, if you decide to deactivate your page in this way, you will encounter some problematic aspects.

The main feature of this deletion method is that your page will remain in the social network's database and can be restored for some time. At the same time, unfortunately, it is impossible to speed up the deletion process, since the VK administration, first of all, thinks about the security of user data and deliberately set a fixed deletion period.

Contacting support directly with a request for quick removal is, in the vast majority of cases, useless.

When deleting a page through standard user settings, you should be aware that the associated phone number will remain associated with it until permanent deactivation, for a period of seven months from the date the deletion is initiated. Thus, deleting a VK page to free up a phone number is a bad idea.

In the dialog box that opens, you are required to indicate the reason for deactivation. In addition, here you can uncheck or leave the “Tell friends”

, so that your comment about deleting your profile is displayed in their feed, as well as on your page (in case of restoration).

If you select one of the prepared items, then your avatar will have a unique appearance until your account disappears completely, depending on the selected reason option.

This technique is recommended for those who only need to temporarily hide their page from other users. If you really want to get rid of your profile, then this method will require a lot of patience from you.

You can create a new account by specifying the phone number associated with the deleted profile. This will not speed up the deletion in any way, but it will still minimize the chance of accidental authorization and subsequent recovery.

Please note that if you need to restore the page for a while, the deletion date will be updated in accordance with the deactivation rules.

Method 2: Temporarily freezing your account

This method of deleting a page is not a means of deactivating a VKontakte profile forever. Freezing an account gives you the opportunity to hide your account from the eyes of other social network users. At the same time, you retain full access to all the features of

Unlike the first method, freezing will require deleting any user data and files.

The only advantage of this method is the ability to remove the freeze at any convenient time, after which you can continue to use the page.

  1. Log in to VKontakte using an Internet browser and use the drop-down menu in the upper right part of the page to go to the “Edit”
  2. It is recommended to switch the birthday information to "Do not show date of birth"
  3. Remove all information about yourself by switching between tabs on the right side of the editing page.
  4. You need to erase all information that you have ever provided. Ideally, only data about your gender should remain.

  5. After saving the new data, use the top drop-down menu to go to “Settings”
  6. Here you need to switch using the right menu to the “Privacy”
  7. Scroll down the page to the “Contact me”
  8. In each item presented, set the value to “Nobody”
  9. Additionally, in the “Other”
    , opposite the item
    “Who can see my page on the Internet”,
    set the value to
    “Only VKontakte users”
  10. Return to the main page, clean your wall and delete any user files, including photos and videos. Perform exactly the same actions with the list of your friends.

It's best to block people you delete so they don't remain on your follower list. The subscribers themselves also need to be blocked using a blacklist.

After all the steps taken, you just need to leave your account.

Method 3: Custom Settings

In this case, you do not need to bother manually deleting all friends and user data. You will only need to do a few things, the main ones being new profile settings.

The main advantage of the technique is the somewhat accelerated removal process, but only with strict adherence to all instructions.

As before, you will only need any Internet browser and full access to the page to be deleted.

The deletion technique works due to the fact that the VKontakte administration perceives such profile settings as a voluntary refusal of the owner from the services of the social network. Over the next few months (until 2.5), your account will be completely deleted automatically, and the email and phone number associated with it will be freed.

You can choose any of the above removal methods, depending on your personal preferences and goals. But do not forget that it is basically impossible to perform instant deletion, since the administration does not provide such an option.

We wish you good luck in achieving your goal!

In the modern world there are practically no people left who can easily do without a VKontakte page. But which of us has not at least once had the thought of leaving the virtual “web”? There can be a lot of reasons for such a decision: the semi-annual report is just around the corner, and you once again spent the whole night browsing interesting communities; your ex-passion suddenly decided that she couldn’t live without you and started bothering you with endless messages; you decided to teach a lesson to someone you know and leave the social network in order to increase the degree of anxiety. In general, the list can be continued indefinitely. The time has come to cast aside all doubts and complete the task. To do this, it is important to know how to delete a VKontakte page from different electronic devices. There are several ways to solve this problem.

How to delete your VKontakte page

There are several ways to delete a VKontakte profile. The page can be deleted permanently or temporarily. It all depends on your desire or the reasons why you decided to leave the social network.

In addition to cause-and-effect relationships, when deleting a VKontakte profile, it is important to take into account the electronic device from which you most often accessed the social network.

Standard method of removal from a computer (from the site itself)

This method was created specifically for simple and at the same time reliable deletion of a VKontakte page. The method is provided directly by the developers, and they know a lot about it:

  1. First of all, you need to log into your account.
  2. In the upper right corner, find a button with your name and a mini version of your avatar next to it. Click on it.
  3. In the menu that appears, select “Settings”.
    Removal using the tools provided by the developers is the easiest way
  4. The “General” tab will automatically open in front of you.
    Scroll down the page that opens and find the option “You can delete your page.” Click on it. In the “General” tab you will see the message “You can delete your page”
  5. A menu will appear in front of you in which you can indicate the reason for deleting your profile, and also leave a message for your friends that you will no longer appear online.
    After specifying all the desired data, click the “Delete page” button. When deleting, you can indicate the reason for your actions
  6. Congratulations.
    Your page has been deleted. For those who decide to change their minds after some time, the VKontakte developers have provided the ability to restore their profile. But this function is only possible for a certain period of time. The last day on which you can restore your profile will be indicated on the page after it is deleted. After deletion, you will see a corresponding notification and a date before which you can restore your page

If for some reason you were unable to enter the “Settings” menu, then immediately after you log into your account, follow the direct link. This will help you skip straight to step 5.

Standard method of deleting from a phone

If you do not have the opportunity to access your VKontakte profile from a computer (or you even prefer mobile devices for using social networks), then you can use the method of deleting a VK profile from your phone.

Setting privacy and completely clearing the page

For those who want to sleep peacefully, knowing that their page has been completely deleted and will never be found by some old acquaintances or ill-wishers, there is an option to clear the page and change the privacy settings:

As a result, you should be left with a completely “bare” page. Now you can forget your password with a clear conscience. After some time, your page will be deleted by the VKontakte administration.

Changing the password and linking to a one-time number

If you are determined to never succumb to the charm of social networks again, then there is a somewhat expensive way for you to delete a VKontakte page. We are talking about linking a profile to a “disposable” number.

  1. First of all, you need to completely clear the page, as indicated in the previous instructions.
  2. After the page is completely cleared and the privacy settings are set correctly, you need to unlink your account from your email.
    There will be difficulties with this, since the latest VKontakte updates have eliminated the function of completely unlinking email. email from profile. In this case, you should change your old email address to one that you can delete immediately after confirming the change of data. First, change your email address to one you don’t use.
  3. Once you have linked your profile to a disposable email address, change the password to one that you are unlikely to remember.
    Ask your cat, budgie, or pet mongoose to run across the keys (or, as a last resort, play Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No. 3 on the computer keys). When changing your password, you will need to confirm your phone number
  4. Now you need to buy a new SIM card, to the number of which you will link your deleted page. If you do not want to purchase a new number, you can use an old SIM card, but keep in mind that after binding it will have to be broken.
  5. We link the VKontakte page to the new number. To do this, you will again need to return to the “Settings” menu, then go to the “General” tab and next to “Phone number” click “Change”.
  6. You need to enter a new number in the field that opens. Then follow all the instructions that will be sent to your phone. After the new number is linked, the SIM card needs to be broken.

This method, of course, can be considered radical and energy-consuming. It is suitable for those who have thoroughly decided not to return to social networks, as well as those looking for difficult paths. After you get rid of the SIM card to which you linked your cleared account, and also delete the mailbox associated with your page, it will be impossible to restore your profile.

Letter to technical support

If you do not dare to delete your VKontakte profile yourself, you can seek the help of technical support. But keep in mind that you should still contact technical support in cases where access to your page has been lost, or ill-wishers have hacked your account. In such cases, technical support will respond much faster to your call for help and delete your page.

  1. If you have access to your page, then you need to go to the “Help” section.
    First of all, go to the “Help” menu
  2. In the “Help” section, select the question you need or enter the question you are interested in in the search field.
    Look for your question in the list that you will see
  3. If, for example, you are interested in “How to delete a page that you can’t access,” then select the appropriate item.
  4. In the window that opens, you will be provided with detailed instructions, following which you can restore access to the page, delete it, or block it.
    Follow the instructions you receive carefully
  5. If you do not have access to your page, then you need to go to the main page of the social network ( and select the “Forgot your password?” item.
    Click "Forgot your password?" and follow further instructions
  6. If you do not have access to an email or phone number, select the appropriate option below the data entry field.
    If you don’t remember the password for your email, and you don’t have the phone number that was linked to the page, click where the arrow points
  7. In the window that appears, enter the address of your page or try to find your page in the search.
    You will be asked to enter the address of your page, or use “Search by People”
  8. After this, you will see an application form that you need to fill out.
  9. Next, wait for appropriate instructions from technical support.
  10. After restoring access to your profile, you can use any method convenient for you to delete a page, given here.

Blocking a page through another account

An unpleasant situation could happen to any of us: a VKontakte account was hacked, all data was changed, and access to the profile was lost. In this case, you will need to create another VKontakte profile.

The best way would be to create a page with exactly the same data as on the hacked account.

After the alternative profile has been created, do the following:

Typically, such applications are reviewed from 3 to 7 business days. If you ask your friends to perform similar manipulations on your hacked page, things can go much faster.

Other methods (aggressive spam)

This method of deleting a VKontakte page is provided only as theoretical material for reference. The use of this method in practice may result in criminal penalties.

If you are a risky person and want to leave VKontakte amid the roar of cannonade, then this method is just for you. It provides for a deliberate violation of the VKontakte rules, i.e. active irritation of users and administration of this social network. Spam, profanity, aggressive advertising, inciting racial and nationalist propaganda, pornographic video and photographic materials that you publish in communities and on your own page will help you quickly attract the attention of the resource administration. Naturally, simply deleting the page may not solve everything, and you will have to deal with law enforcement agencies.

Deleting an old, no longer needed page

It is worth separately considering the question of how to permanently delete a page in a contact if it is duplicate and therefore no longer needed. Of course, you can use the previous instructions and wait six months

, but, as a rule, the owner eventually loses all access to his old account.

  • Previously, pages were linked to an email rather than a phone number. It is very easy to forget your password and answer to your security question.
  • The inability to access your e-mail makes it impossible to recover your social network password. As a result, the page remains inaccessible.

Fortunately, there is a way to solve this problem. As a rule, it works completely if the old page contains a valid first and last name. If this is not so, then the situation will be different in each specific case.

You can delete the old page permanently as follows:

  • Using your new account, you need to submit a support request.
  • This is done through the “Help” item, located in the same place as the settings.
  • Having opened the list of questions, you can scroll to the very bottom, click on the missing question and submit a request to the support service.
  • It will need to describe the situation with deleting the page.

As a rule, for successful completion you will need to send a photo that simultaneously shows the owner’s face, his account and the page of the passport. Other situations are also possible, since this always happens individually.

If the individual is successfully identified, at the request of the owner, his old page will be permanently deleted within a few days. This way, you can fully focus on your new account.

Users of the social network “Vkontakte” who do not know about the existence of a correct, official way to delete their account will try and resort to different methods. Of course, you can force the site administration to delete a user by provoking it with spam, rudeness and illegal actions. But why complicate everything when the network provides how to delete your page on VKontakte?

First, you need to log in, that is, go to your profile by entering your username and password. Next, you need to find the “Settings” menu and enter it. If everything is done correctly, then by default the “General” dialog box will instantly open, at the very bottom of which there is a line informing about the possibility of deleting the page - “You can delete your page.” By clicking on it, the user goes to a new “Delete Page” window. Here the network administration offers several options for why the page should be deleted. You should check the box to the left of the one that suits you. Attention, even if you do not want to voice the reason for your refusal from VKontakte, the page can be deleted, so if you don’t like any of the proposed reasons, check the box next to “Other”. It is not necessary to fill out this field at all.

That's almost everything you need to know about how to delete your page on VKontakte. Click on “Delete page” and forget about its existence.

How to recover a deleted VKontakte page

It is quite possible to restore a previously deleted VKontakte page. But there are some restrictions.

After the user independently deleted his VK profile, a footnote should have appeared on his page, which indicates the last day when access to the page can be restored without losing data on it. The standard time for symbolic “freezing” is 210 days from the moment the profile is deleted (or about seven months). After this period, access to the page cannot be restored by any means.

So, you deleted your VKontakte page, but less than seven months later you came to your senses and decided to return. It's easy enough to do:

Once again, it is worth recalling that a deleted VKontakte page can only be restored within 210 days from the date of deletion. After the allotted period has passed, it will no longer be possible to do this and the only way out will be to create a new page.

Is it possible to restore your VKontakte page after deleting

You are convinced that there is nothing easier than deleting your page on VKontakte. But, if desired, it can be restored. However, this can be done if no more than 7 months have passed since the account was deleted. If you did everything correctly and the page is deleted, an inscription will appear at the top of the screen notifying you of the end date by which you can return to your deleted profile. If you click on the “Restore” line, the old account will instantly open with the “News” section. The page can be used again.

How to view a VK profile that has been deleted

Many users have encountered the fact that one of their friends or acquaintances (or they themselves) deleted their page on the social network, and along with it photos, data and other information. And sometimes you want to see what was in the profile before it was deleted. There are several ways to satisfy your curiosity.

Search engine cache

In other words, the ability to view a saved copy of the page. This method is not entirely reliable, since the storage time of such a copy is limited. Therefore, for example, if a user deleted a page a year ago or earlier, then you will no longer be able to view it. Plus, after the latest updates to, the function does not work correctly, and it is almost impossible to find a saved copy of the page of the person you need.

In theory, the saved copy can be found as follows:

  1. First of all, go to the remote page and copy the user ID from the address bar.
  2. Paste the ID into the search bar (for example, in Yandex or Google). Click "Search".
  3. Ideally, the first link in your search should be the page of the person you are looking for.
  4. Click on the small arrow next to the ID and select “Saved copy”.

The method works very crookedly, since VKontakte has recently acquired a large number of privacy settings for its users, so the likelihood of a positive result after using this method is very small.

Archive of sites

In addition to the saved copy, you can try to find the deleted page in the web archive. But this also has its difficulties. The website has been blocked by Roskomnadzor, so you can only use it using an anonymizer.

If virtual life has become a burden to you, and the VKontakte page causes nothing but irritation, then this is a sure sign that the time has come to delete your profile. It is best, of course, to use the methods specially provided by the VKontakte developers for this. These methods are quite simple and safe.

Keep all your data in a safe place, do not go to third-party sites and try not to access your VKontakte profile from other people’s devices, this will protect you from unwanted blocking or data leakage.

Follow the rules for using the social network, as well as the laws of the Russian Federation. Remember that your desire to “play with fire” (deliberately pissing off the administration and users by sending spam, publishing pornographic materials, inciting racial and nationalist hatred, etc.) may result in more than just blocking and deleting your profile on social networks, but also with imprisonment.

No, no, and sometimes Internet users have a desire to just leave VKontakte. In an instant, destroy the profile and all its contents: correspondence, pictures, photos, videos, music, and games, of course. These measures, frankly speaking, cannot be called anything other than radical. Well, what to do, how to be otherwise? If a session is just around the corner, if a person got married, and his ex-passion bothers him (and from different accounts), if he doesn’t give him peace, the eleventh level in his favorite game “three in a row”, if... Oh, how many more of these “ifs” there can be! There are many reasons, but one effect.

So, dear reader, if you decide to delete your VKontakte page forever, then so be it. There is no smoke without fire. All doubts aside, let's get started! By the way, this task can be accomplished in various ways. So choose which one is closer to your heart and soul.

Forget password or login

And finally, we’ll figure out what to do if you don’t remember your login and password. If you forgot your password, but still have access to the phone number to which the profile is linked, then everything is very simple:

  • On the main page, click on the link - “I don’t remember my password”;
  • Enter your phone number;
  • Then indicate the last name that is recorded in the social network profile. If a VKontakte account is registered without a last name, then you need to enter the word that replaced it in the profile (another last name, clique, nickname, etc.);
  • A code is sent to your phone, after which you come up with a new password to log into your account.

What to do if you lost your phone or if you forgot your phone number:

  • On the main page of the site you also indicate that there is no access to the phone;
  • The site asks you to enter a link to the page you want to access;

  • If you do not remember the profile address, you will be redirected to the site’s search engine, where you will find your page;

  • Then enter all the data available to you in the fields to fill out, and access to the page is restored. It is possible to restore your profile via email without a phone number, if you previously linked this email to your account. This method is suitable if a VKontakte account was registered without a phone number.

The easiest way to find out your profile is by photo, but if there is no photo, then pay attention to the information and data that were entered in various fields during registration.

So, restoring access to your VKontakte account is not difficult and does not take long; you will definitely succeed if you are not a fraudster who is trying to gain access to someone else’s page.

Method No. 1: using a standard function

1. When opening the VKontakte website in your browser, be courageous and firm, and most importantly, do not forget for what purpose you are opening it. With the same feelings, log in (enter your username and password).

2. In the menu of your VKontakte account, click “My Settings”.

3. Scroll the page with options down with your mouse wheel. At the bottom of it, find and click the link “You can delete your page.”

4. The alarming and at the same time solemn moment of saying goodbye to your VKontakte profile is approaching. There's just a little bit left to do:

  • indicate the reason for parting with VKontakte: turn on the radio button next to one of the proposed options (for example, there is another page). Or indicate your reason in the field below the list;
  • if you want to tell your friends on VK that you are leaving this social network, check the box next to “Tell friends”;
  • Click "Delete Page".

How to get a deleted profile back?

After the above steps, the personal VKontakte page will be deleted and will no longer be accessible, but will still be stored on the social network’s servers for 7 months (that is, it will not disappear forever).

To restore a deleted page, follow these steps:

  • log in to VK using your login;
  • at the top of your profile, under the message “Your page has been deleted,” click the “restore your page” option;
  • in the section that opens, click “Restore page” again.


The account will return to your disposal in the form in which it was before deletion - with photos, music, videos and other content.

How to write a message from a deleted VK page

A small detail, but still. Many people began to be interested in the following question: how can one write from a remote page? Is this even possible? And how can this be accomplished? And we can answer these questions.

Write to VKontakte without going to the site

It won't be difficult for you to do this. You can surprise your relatives and friends with this. What is needed for this:

  • Twitter account
  • VKontakte account

Next: Log into both accounts. If you don't have a Twitter account, just create one, it won't take more than 5 minutes. You need to get in touch, and then click on the “ Edit Page ” button, it is located under the avatar.

Next, select the contacts category, and there click the “integration with other services” button.

Then click the “ set up export ” button.

After clicking, a sign pops up and you need to click “ Log in to Twitter .”

On Twitter you enter your username and password. Then you can safely delete your page. And to write from a remote page, we simply post any entry on Twitter and add the hashtag #vk .

In the same way you can use Facebook, Instagram, LiveJournal.

Method No. 2: “freezing” the account

A more labor-intensive removal option, but still an option. Best suited for temporarily parting with an account, as well as for a kind of “disguise” - hiding your presence on the network.

The “freezing” procedure means that all profile data is changed, including the name of its owner, all content and contacts are deleted, and maximum restrictions are set in the privacy settings.

If you want to resort to such measures, but are not well versed in the settings of the VKontakte social network, follow the steps recommended in the instructions below. And the profile will be frozen 100%.

1. Go to "My Settings" and on the "General" tab:

  • in the “Page Settings” block, enable all the options (“Disable commenting...”, “Hide the gifts block...”, “Show... my posts”);
  • in the “Your page address” block, change the profile link and click on the “Change address” button.

2. Without leaving the settings page, go to the “Privacy” tab. And in all available options, through the drop-down menu, set the value to “Only me”, and in the “Contact me” block - “No one”.

3. Delete all existing content in the “My Photos”, “My Videos”, “My Audio Recordings” sections.

4. Delete all friends (Before deleting, you can inform some of them that you are “freezing” the profile).

That's all! Now the account will be in a “lethargic sleep”. And if you don’t enter it for a long time, it will disappear completely. So to speak, it will remove itself.

A couple more fun ways to get rid of your profile...

Ignoring the administration

1. Open the “My Settings” section and go to the “Black List” tab.

2. In the “Enter…” field, enter the first and last name of the founder of the social network - Pavel Durov (or the address of his page).

3. Click the “Add to blacklist” button.

There is reason to assume that after such manipulations with the settings, the profile will be deleted within 24 hours without any proceedings.

Close your account and can't find the key

  1. On the “My Settings” page, in the “Change Password” block, enter your profile login password.
  2. Separately, in a notepad or other editor, with your eyes closed, type a chaotic set of letters and numbers about 15 characters long. Alternatively, you can ask your tabby pet, a cat, to do this. Let him run over the keyboard.
  3. Copy the “generated” password and enter it into the “New password” and “Repeat password” fields (on the VK general settings page).
  4. Click the “Change Password” button.
  5. Delete the new password you create in Notepad immediately. And don’t even try to remember it!

Now you won’t be able to “kill” a couple of hours on VKontakte once again. After all, a new password has already been set, and an unknown one at that...

Enjoy your absence from VKontakte! Or, if you want, a moderate stay...

Hi all! In the modern world, few people want to completely abandon the use of social networks and. After all, for many, this is not just a great reason to pass the time, chat with friends or relatives, but also work or business. Although, on the other hand, some people have simply become addicted to modern social networks and can no longer get out of this trap on their own. After all, how much more useful it would be to just go outside and take a walk with friends or visit relatives, rather than sit on VKontakte. Some users, in order to get away from addiction, ask the question: “How to delete a page on VK?” Of course, this is not a way out of the situation, since instead of a deleted page you can create several new ones, but still, if you have a goal to get rid of Internet addiction or you just want to delete an unnecessary account on the Vkontakte social network, then let's look at how to do this.

How to delete a VKontakte page

The first method involves quickly blocking your account. In this case, all users who want to get to your page will see that it is blocked. This method is good because the account owner will be able to log into his profile without any restrictions.

The second method involves completely deleting your account from the service forever. True, before you find out how to delete a page on VK, you should familiarize yourself with some rules.

How to delete a VK page from your phone or computer forever.

You can delete your VKontakte account from any device, be it a smartphone, tablet or computer. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that you will not be able to remove yourself from the service through the mobile application; this can only be done using. Therefore, all actions for different devices will be the same. To complete this task, the conditions described below must be met:

That's it, after these steps your profile on the VKontakte social network will be inaccessible. And the main page of your account will take a special look, so that users who want to visit your page will see that it has been deleted. I would like to note the fact that after deletion, you will no longer be able to be found in the search.

Note! After the above steps, data about you will be stored in the VK database for about another year. Therefore, you will not be able to register a new account linked to the same phone number.

If your account was deleted by attackers or by you accidentally, then in order to quickly restore it, you need to click on the “Restore your page” button on the main page.

By the way, on the recovery page, the date will be indicated when your account will be completely deleted from the database. Therefore, if you want information about you to disappear forever, you will have to be patient.

Note! If for some reason you temporarily restore access to the page, the countdown date for deletion will also change, so think twice.

How to temporarily freeze a VKontakte account

If for certain reasons you do not want to delete your account from a social network, but you need to hide personal data from others, then you can use page freezing. The advantage of this method is that your access to the page will not be limited in any way, and you can remove the freeze at any time.

Advice! When you freeze an account, all user data and files will be deleted.

Therefore, if you decide to temporarily disable your account, do the following:

  1. Go to your Vkontakte page, click on your profile in the upper right corner and select “Edit” in the drop-down menu;
  2. The profile editing page will open. Here we hide our date of birth by selecting “Do not show date of birth”;
  3. Next, go to the “Contacts” section and erase all information about yourself;
  4. After that, exit the “Edit” menu and go to the “Settings” menu;
  5. In the settings window that opens, go to the “Privacy” section;
  6. In this section, we look for the “Contact me” block and in each item we set the value to “Nobody”;
  7. Next, look for the “Other” block and in the “Who can see my page on the Internet” item, you need to specify the value “Only VKontakte users”;

After the settings have been made, return to your page and delete all posts from the wall, as well as video and music files.

Finally, delete all your friends; to do this, select the desired contact. Click on the button in the form of three dots and select “Remove from friends.” If you want to prevent people from finding you in searches, you can change your username and gender. Now that's it, your page will be frozen.

We delete the VKontakte page through user settings.

This method is faster, since you do not have to manually delete all your friends and media files, of which you most likely have quite a lot. In this option, we will simply install new profile settings.

Advice! This method will be faster, but you must fulfill all the conditions described below.

After the settings have been completed, the system will think that the account owner has voluntarily abandoned it and will automatically delete your profile after about 3 months. In this case, the credentials associated with this account will be released. If you noticed, this is a faster method of how to delete a page on VK.

Let's summarize.

Today we looked at how to delete a page on VK in several ways. As you can see, it is possible to either temporarily block a page or delete your account completely, although you will have to be patient, since complete deletion does not occur immediately, but after some time. Most likely, this is designed for the user to change his mind and want to use the social network again.

How to delete a VKontakte page without recovery? Despite the popularity of the mentioned question, finding an answer that suits the user is not easy. To be convinced of what has been said, it is enough to familiarize yourself with all the possible ways to get rid of your account. Each existing option has an important drawback - time. A person who decides to leave a social network is given the opportunity to change his mind and return.

Theoretically, existing rules can be circumvented, but in reality the desired result is impossible, so users who decide to leave the social network will have to come to terms with the current conditions and wait, relying on their willpower, which will not allow them to return and restore their profile. It is important to emphasize that even a moment of weakness and short-term recovery will lead to the fact that the procedure will have to start all over again.

Before you completely delete a page on VK without restoring it, you should get rid of what is saved after deletion. Even in situations where the account is completely and permanently destroyed, the following remains on the social network:

  • phone number linked to the account;
  • email specified in the profile;
  • comments and likes left under numerous posts and entries;
  • correspondence with friends;
  • contacts.

You can unlink contacts through the settings page, using the functionality available there. Also, to delete a phone number, just link the SIM card to another account.

You will have to delete likes and comments manually, sequentially finding and removing all traces left behind.

In some cases, you can hide without deleting comments, hiding your own identity by changing your name, but the administration of the social network can refuse such a profile change.

It is impossible to delete correspondence, since even deleting dialogues in the corresponding section will preserve the conversation history of the interlocutor. To delete a conversation completely, both participants in the conversation must delete it.

How to completely delete a VK page without restoring it from your PC?

It’s not difficult to figure out how to delete a page on VK without restoring it. To do this you need:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Scroll down and find the item asking you to leave.
  4. Press the button.
  5. Explain the reasons for the decision in the window that opens, commenting on it in your own words.
  6. Complete the process by confirming the firmness of your intentions.

It is important to emphasize that the described actions will lead to temporary account deletion. To lose the opportunity to restore the page, you need to wait.

There is an alternative removal option, but it does not allow you to achieve the desired result right away. The user needs to open the privacy settings and change all available items to “only me” and “no one.” Additionally, you should change the profile visibility settings to private and add that only VK users can see it.

How to delete your VKontakte account forever without restoring it from your phone?

It is impossible to delete an account from your phone. The developers of the mobile application did not provide such a possibility. Account deletion can only be done through a browser using the methods described above.

It is impossible to get rid of a page instantly without the possibility of recovery. But there is an alternative solution to the problem that allows you to achieve the desired result. To do this, you will have to contact support agents and ask them to delete the profile. The likelihood of obtaining their consent is minimal, since such actions are beyond their competence. But, if the support staff agrees to help, the deletion will be final, quick and irrevocable.

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