Captcha in Google or how search engines play it safe

Greetings, dear friends! We are all active users of social networks - some use them to communicate and search for information, while others try to use these platforms to earn money . However, regardless of what goals each of us pursues when entering a social network, we all, one way or another, have to deal with such an unpleasant thing as captcha. Agree, sometimes this set of characters interferes with your work so much that you want to give up everything and just close the browser. Today we will talk about how to remove the captcha and thereby save yourself from the need to waste time deciphering the codes.

Captcha: what is it?

So, a captcha is nothing more than a special picture containing a verification code to determine who is trying to perform a certain action on the network - a person or a robot. Most often, they offer to decrypt the code in cases where the same request is executed multiple times on the service. For example, search engines like Yandex or Google regularly offer us to decipher captcha when we ask them the same questions. Captcha cannot be called a rare guest in the environment of scripts: parsers, clickers, posters, and so on.

The main task of captcha is to prevent automated actions by robots . To weed out bots, services ask users to unravel the code encrypted in an ornate design. Only real users can cope with this goal; bots, alas, cannot do this. That is why, when working with scripts, captcha becomes a real problem that does not allow you to interact with a large amount of data. However, do not despair and give up. Every problem can be solved , and entering captcha is no exception.

What are the types of captchas?

In addition to the fact that a typical captcha involves entering distorted numbers, there are other types of this computer test.

These include:

  • a combination of letters and numbers in different fonts and registers in the code, both Russian and English;
  • an arithmetic operation, most often elementary, but sometimes quite complex. Typically, complex captchas are placed on serious resources, into which entry for bots is completely limited, and not a single spam will leak into such a system. But users complain that solving such an algebraic captcha requires knowledge of mathematical analysis;
  • Pictures. Everything is simple here: a picture appears in front of you in the wrong location, by pressing a button you put it in the correct position. Another option is to select images that are related in meaning by clicking on them with the mouse.

It is also necessary to note the fact that the more complex the captcha, the better protected the site or other resource. Don’t forget that today you can register, that is, create a captcha yourself. It’s not difficult, the main thing is to follow the correct, step-by-step and precise instructions, in which everything is explained and shown in detail. In order not to bother with writing a captcha for your website yourself, you can easily order such a service for a small fee. But sometimes the problem is not writing or purchasing reliable protection for the site, but, on the contrary, getting rid of it.

There are several ways to disable captcha; we’ll look at which ones now.

Why does captcha appear?

As you know, in order to get rid of a disease, you need to know the cause of its occurrence. This rule also works in the case of captcha: in order to get rid of constantly pop-up windows with an encrypted code, we need to understand why the system is so zealously trying to check our “humanity”.

The thing is that identical actions performed one after another arouse suspicion among sites. Therefore, they strive to weed out those performed by robots.

For example, your attempt to send messages containing the same information to your friends is regarded by the social network as spam mailing. That is why VKontakte requires us to perform captcha recognition and confirm that this action was performed by a living person. If the distribution of messages does not stop, the system may even temporarily block your account.

You also have to deal with pop-up windows in cases where the social network’s security system decides to check whether you are using any prohibited programs to promote a group in contact or promote your own page. In this case, we are talking about special software that can automatically generate likes, send out invitations to friends, and so on. Such programs include the popular brobot and sobot , which are actively used to create popular communities and public pages. Just imagine what a dump VKontakte would become if it didn’t filter out hacking, advertising and spam!

Promote VK pages and publics using Brobot

What types of Yandex captchas are there and why do they appear?

There has long been one big drawback in the Yandex Search Engine, about which users complain a lot. Namely, you flip through the pages in Yandex search, and after a certain period of time a picture appears with the inscription: - Oh! And then there is the text from the screenshot:

And only after entering the text correctly, you are taken to the next page. At the same time, before everything was much simpler, captchas were only in Russian, and most users did not pay much attention to them, since the inscription was most often a dotted line, it was clearly visible, and it was quickly entered.

But it’s been two or three years since such an inscription appeared in English. And that's not it. Quite often two such inscriptions appear. Moreover, one is in English, the other is in Russian. The quality of the inscriptions leaves much to be desired. Therefore, you often have to enter these inscriptions twice, or even several times, just to get to another page.

Now think about how pleasant it is for a person to enter two inscriptions from smartphones, especially when the screen is not large? Just awful.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many smartphone users prefer Google Chrome. Yandex loses a lot of visitors by such actions. The Yandex search engine uses a similar method to check who is sending the requests, a user or a bot?

But what people don’t like is that they know that they are people. Also, the requests are made entirely by humans, and are not included in any automatic mode. But Yandex, with persistence, continues to arrange similar checks for you. Why does this happen, why do you have to deal with captcha from Yandex?

Learning to remove captcha

I am sure that most of you are now seriously puzzled about how to bypass the VKontakte captcha. Unfortunately, it is currently impossible to ignore entering a code . Technologies that protect the service by decrypting the character set are a mandatory security measure for a social network that you cannot hide or simply remove.

All you can do to reduce the frequency of encounters with an intrusive code is to provide VKontakte with maximum information about yourself by filling out the appropriate fields in the user profile. The more “human” your page is, the less often you will have to perform captcha recognition. Make sure that your social network page is linked to your email and real mobile number.

Setting up a VK profile

To protect yourself from possible hacking of your VKontakte page, I would recommend that you visit the “ Security ” tab, which is located in the “ My Settings ” section. Here you can connect the most powerful and reliable protection system, in the form of SMS confirmation codes sent to your specified mobile phone. In addition, I would like to draw your attention to the “ Activity History ” field.

If your account ends up in the hands of fraudsters, you will find out about this by checking the “ Activity History ”. If in the list of addresses you find third-party IPs and browsers that you have never used, this means that your account has been hacked and, most likely, was used for spam mailing. To correct this situation, you should “ End all sessions ” except the current one you are in, and then change the access password to your profile.

As for how to remove the captcha completely, here you have no choice but to unravel the encrypted set of symbols and enter it into a special field located next to the picture. Agree that we do not always have the ability to recognize captcha in real time. This is especially problematic in cases where we run a script and perform large volumes of work. As soon as search engines notice multiple requests, we will immediately begin to deal with captchas that pop up again and again.

This problem is very close to webmasters and those who actively work with posters, spammers and other automated programs. To get rid of annoying codes that interfere with your work, you can use the help of captcha recognition services.

Getting rid of captcha

Sometimes the anti-spam mechanism can do a disservice, for example, making it difficult for real users to register on the site. It’s especially offensive when these visitors are attracted and very long-awaited clients. There have been cases when the captcha settings on the site were lost and instead of the “Simple” level, “Complex” was automatically selected. People, unable to solve the security code, simply left the site.

In order not to intimidate users and, most importantly, not to make yourself nervous when with every action on the Internet you need to prove to the system that you are not a robot, you need to know methods of getting rid of captchas.

So, let's take a closer look at how to remove captcha through the site's admin panel:

  1. First you need to go to the editor of the resource itself.
  2. After that, in the column on the right, select the function called “Settings”.
  3. Now in the settings we will need to select “comments and messages”. Here, to the question “Use word checking?”, you must give a negative answer and click on the button with the answer “no”. In this case, a positive answer is set by the system by default.

Popular automatic captcha recognition services

Today on the Internet you can find many sites that offer their captcha entry services for money. Some of the most popular services in the Runet segment are rucaptcha and anti-captcha. I propose to examine each of them in more detail:

  1. anti-captcha – many people know this site as anti-captcha. The service has been working stably for 10 years. Here you have to pay in dollars . Every thousand codes solved will cost you 40 cents. You will learn how to work with this site a little later.
  2. rucaptcha is a popular service where captcha solving is done manually. With its help, you can provide automatic captcha entry on your projects. To do this, you need to have a special key that will be sent through the service to real people working on the site for its subsequent recognition. The cost of such a service is only 40 rubles for every thousand pictures solved. The principle of operation of the service is quite simple: real people register on the site and earn money by entering captcha. That is, over the course of a day, more and more new orders for deciphering codes come to the site, and ordinary Internet users solve them and receive a monetary reward for this

Use a top anti-captcha service

Bypass ReCaptcha

Real IP is ideal to use if you want to bypass ReCaptcha. Live IP addresses can be either changing or static, permanent. The rotating IP addresses belong to real users, and they rotate each time a certain IP address is no longer in use. Static IP, on the other hand, is permanent and is issued by the ISP for commercial use. A static IP address is similar to a rotating IP address only in that it is used by the single client who purchased it and therefore never changes. If you visit any social networks and ticketing sites, it is better to use a static IP address as the site checks the consistency of the IP address for the account.

Many sites use ReCaptcha on important pages - for registration or when publishing information. They use what is called a “waterfall” - you start by sending requests using data center IP addresses, and then crawl the desired sensitive pages and change them to live IP addresses. This waterfall can provide a high success rate and save you money. An example of this process would be sending requests through a data center. If the request fails, it is sent through an external trusted network. If this also fails, the request is automatically routed through the mobile network.

Another way to use the waterfall method is to route requests through different geographic locations. This is useful when browsing e-commerce sites with product pages and ReCaptcha. Changing the IP address from one place to another can help overcome ReCaptcha.

We will now discuss the process of implementing a URL change rule to switch between networks. It is important that each proxy port in the LPM be assigned a different network type. Once this is done and the ports are ready, you need to create a rule that will fire when the target URL is requested and switch the IP address to the external one. From the action drop down select "try again with new proxy port" and it will start waterfall routing. In the retry drop-down section, select the port you want to use with the new address.

Some simple sites simply analyze the browser profile, its header, and launch an invisible ReCaptcha. To prevent and work around this, send the actual browser header and change it for each request. You can set browser header values ​​in the headers tab of each proxy port's settings. If you want, you can manually add header parameters including cookie, accept-language, etc. by entering a name and value as required by the target site.

If you are working with the Proxy Manager API, you can set the required headers by creating a new proxy, sending a POST request, or updating the proxy port with a PUT request when sending a JSON configuration file for the port. The configuration file has a corresponding header array with the names and values ​​of the header fields. For example, for a particular site, you would add "cookie" in the name field, and in the "value" field, a string for the cookie itself. With this, you can include the same or different cookie values ​​for each request, while simultaneously retrieving different cookie values ​​from the cookie databases that are specific to your target site.

The same thing can be done in Puppeteer or Selenium by adding browser headers to your code. A good proxy manipulation is to resolve DNS on the peer side rather than on the super proxy side. DNS resolves an IP address into a URL, and the advantage of resolving DNS on the super proxy side is the speed of query execution. Permission on the partner's side results in greater anonymity, especially when you use a bot or crawler. You can resolve DNS by going to the Query Rate tab in the proxy manager and selecting remote resolution by peer in the DNS search field.

Some target sites that use ReCaptcha V3 or use sophisticated analysis functions can create fingerprints - collect mouse movement data, webRTC rendering, analyze audio signal and much more. Audio analysis can be overcome by adding noise to your request. Use a text-to-speech tool to create the audio you want and then include it in your request.

When the request contains an audio part, you will notice that ReCaptcha V3 is missing. You can also add other fingerprint options - create a multi-login browser profile, canvas, static noise, WebGL, etc. If you want to overcome ReCaptcha during scanning and not interrupt the process, start by changing the IP when ReCaptcha appears. You can do this in the rules tab of the proxy manager by creating a new rule. Set the trigger to "HTML body element" and for the string to be scanned, enter any word that appears in the browser console. After that, select “Retry with new IP” and specify the number of retries, and then check the rule.

Another option to bypass the captcha is to actually solve it using a third party service such as 2captcha or anti-captcha. These two platforms use real people to solve problems manually and send you the results, after which you move on. Using captcha detection services is not a very convenient option because you will have to detect the presence of a captcha and then connect a complex API to submit a solution request. The main problem when using these services is response time. On average, it takes 40 to 60 seconds for the captcha to be solved and sent to you.

Deciphering captchas from instructions for working with the service

To rid yourself once and for all of annoying pop-up images with encrypted characters, simply use the following instructions for working with the anti-captcha service:

  • Register on the site

  • Top up your account balance . For 2-3 weeks of active and fruitful work, 5 dollars will be enough for you
  • Save the key generated for you and copy it to your parsing and cheating services

  • When your balance gets close to 0, top up your account again

Setting up and working the No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA plugin in WordPress

Well, actually, go to the WordPress admin area, select “Plugins” - “Add new” from the left menu, enter No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA in the search bar and install. Don’t forget to activate it, and then go to its settings in the usual way (at the bottom of the left menu you will find a new item “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA”).

Actually, of all the settings, the most important here is, again, entering the keys received just above on the reCAPTCHA website:

After saving these changes, the plugin immediately protects your comments

from spammers.

And not just comments. In the settings you can use this captcha to protect the WordPress admin login form


In the settings, you can replace the light color scheme of the recaptcha with a dark one, and also either allow the captcha to guess the user’s language, or force it to be installed.

Actually, that's all. I have not yet forced a cache reset in WordPress (I only updated those articles that Khrumer is traditionally not indifferent to), so reCAPTCHA is not displayed on all pages. No complaints have been noticed in the work so far.

Good luck to you! See you soon on the pages of the blog site

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Captcha (CAPTCHA), which requires you to prove that “I am not a robot,” is appearing on an increasing number of sites and services, and is annoying users. There are several reasons why sites mistake visitors for bots and require verification characters to be entered. Is it possible to get rid of the repeated check, what needs to be changed in the browser settings and the page on VKontakte, how to bypass the captcha using VPN services?

In what cases is it necessary to avoid captcha bypass keys?

Many users of prohibited programs naively believe that they do not need to use captcha recognition services. However, there are a number of programs whose operation will be simply impossible without captcha recognition. These can safely include:

  • Keycollector - software that collects keywords in search engines such as Yandex and Google. Based on the most popular and relevant queries, it forms the semantic core for websites, landing pages and advertising campaigns
  • Programs sobot And brobot – these programs are probably familiar to my regular readers and those who promote groups and pages on social networks. Bots produce automatic boosting subscribers, friends, reposts, likes and other things on the VKontakte social network

Why does Google keep asking me to enter a code?

There are actually not many reasons, or rather two.

1. The most popular reason is that you have a dynamic IP address (usually with mobile operators), which is used by many users. Not all users are “equally useful.”

If some users access the network for work, recreation or communication, others may engage in spam, parse search results, launch various programs (bots) that automatically send many requests to the search engine or other sites, which ultimately leads to that the IP address ends up in various blacklists and spam databases.

By the way, not all Internet providers are in a hurry to “pull” their IP from spam lists.

And some people don’t get their IP on purpose so that they spam less.

2. An equally popular reason is viruses on your computer. We downloaded a browser extension or program, and it contained a “surprise” in the form of a virus.

BUT, don’t rush to panic, usually viruses want money, and not to force you to enter a code when entering the search engine

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