How to vote on VKontakte (open and anonymous). Why are surveys needed?


Now everyone can create their own choice: Open or Anonymous surveys! In public polls, each person or group member can view voting statistics and see who voted and for what answer.

Previously, you could only see the number of votes that were cast for one or another option. Open votes are created by default, but it is also possible to check the box and make any created vote anonymous. Anonymity is an additional feature.

To determine the type of voting and decide whether you will participate in it or not. To do this, pay attention to the inscription to the right of the survey title; it indicates what type of voting it is: “Anonymous voting” or “Open voting”.

All polls are visually the same and no different, but you just have to hover your mouse over any voting option, and you will immediately see pictures (avatars) of the first six users who have already voted for it. If you click on the number of votes in a poll, you can view more detailed information about all participants.

Create an open poll

On the wall, open the drop-down menu through the “More” button and select the “Poll” item. Enter the survey topic or question, fill out the answer options and click on the “Submit” button.

There you can also add an additional field with an answer option or erase the entered data.

It is possible to attach video, image, audio, graffiti, map mark and document to the survey. If you check the appropriate box, you can create a survey anonymously, but we’ll tell you about that. The ability to make a survey with photos has significantly added to the popularity of this tool.

The created post will be displayed in the news feed of subscribers just like everyone else. It, like all the others, can be pinned on the wall, edited, liked, commented on or shared with friends. You can post it either on your own behalf or on behalf of the community by inserting your signature.

It is also worth noting that once it has been published, there is no way to make it anonymous.

Above the survey itself, you can mark up another message with a background story or request. In the end, everything will look something like the image below.

Statistics on voters

Both options have slight differences in the generation of statistical data. We will look at each of them in detail here.


By clicking on the “All options” tab, we can view advanced statistics and select a specific filter to create a search:

  1. Location (country and city) of each survey participant.
  2. Age (if it is indicated on their page).
  3. You can watch only the voices of women or only men.

By clicking on one option, you will open a list of all pages that selected it.


Shows the total number of people who voted for each option, but you can’t see who voted. This number can be sorted in the same way as in the case of open voting: show the votes of women or men, set the sorting by age and city.

There is also a “Get code” button for displaying and inserting the script into the site’s HTML code. Likes, number of views, counter with reposts and comments.

Create an anonymous vote

The process of creation is the same as for an open one, only when creating it we check the “Anonymous voting” box.

Are you planning to register on the VKontakte social network in order to create a community on this site and actively promote your business or promote your own resource? Perhaps you already have an account and even a group here, but you are still a novice Internet user and have not had time to understand some of the features of the interface of this “social network”.

In any case, you need to know how to vote on VKontakte and what benefits it can bring. After reading this article, you will be convinced of the effectiveness of surveys. So, first things first.

How to create a survey on a website using the VKontakte widget?

Most of the Russian-speaking audience have profiles on the VKontakte social network, which allows you to conduct various surveys, including using a widget installed on websites.
To do this: 1. Go to the survey creation page.

VKontakte poll widget

2. Fill out the form, indicating the site address and its subject.

3. After saving the information, you will be prompted to fill out the survey title. Here we write what the vote will be about. We add the required number of answer options, and if you scroll down the page, the system will show you what the widget will look like on the site.

Fill out the form to create a survey

What the created survey will look like

4. By default, the widget width is 100%, but this value can be changed to an arbitrary one in pixels.

5. Next, we generate the code by clicking on the “Get code” button of the same name. Copy it from the “Embed Code” field and add it to the site.

Click the “Get code” button

Copy the finished code

A little about the capabilities of the VKontakte survey widget:

  • Allows registered social media users. networks in one click to participate in voting on a third-party resource.
  • Voting takes place anonymously, i.e. third party users cannot see other members' profiles.
  • The vote can be withdrawn.
  • The survey can be shared both on your page and on another resource.

List of possible actions

How to vote on VKontakte?

In the first case, any respondent will be able to obtain information about other participants by visiting their page on this social network. In the second case there will be no such opportunity.

    open your page and write a message on the wall describing the problem or purpose of the survey;

    below you will see the “Attach” button, click on it and select the “Other” item;

    select the “Poll” option, write the topic in the appropriate field and indicate the answer options.

If you don’t know how to make an anonymous vote on VKontakte, then in fact everything is extremely simple - check the appropriate box. You can find it under the answer options.


The large recruiting portal Glassdoor knows firsthand about the importance of anonymous surveys. Anonymity of reviews formed the basis of the work of their resource with more than 30 million users. On, any employee who registers through a profile on social networks can leave insider information about salaries and working conditions at their company. All data is published on condition of anonymity. This gives job seekers unvarnished information about companies, and motivates companies to correct their mistakes before they become public knowledge.

So, a biweekly general meeting of Glassdoor employees ends with them asking management any questions through an anonymous service. Few people dare to express their doubts publicly, but the guarantee of anonymity encourages sharp and frank questions.

We don't have clear data on how this helps Glassdoor's business, we can only look at the overall metrics. The company is growing rapidly; by 2021, it had raised about $200 million in several rounds of investment. If Glassdoor goes public, experts estimate it at $1 billion.

Why create surveys?

Imagine a situation where your blog traffic starts to drop. However, you don’t know why this happens. It seems that you write interesting articles, add high-quality videos, adhere to the rules of SEO optimization, but visitors run away.

Perhaps the whole point is that you need to communicate more with your readers, at least sometimes asking for their opinion about your resource. Perhaps the reason for the drop in traffic lies, for example, in a boring blog design. This is where surveys can help you. You already know how to vote on VKontakte, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity.

At the same time, you must correctly compose answer options, taking into account the interests of your audience, age and gender. Remember that ideally the interviewee should give a clear answer, and not something like: “I can’t decide.” It is also recommended that you attach an image to your survey.

Possibilities of administrators when conducting voting among people

Properly composed ones have certain capabilities, advantages, and their settings are flexible. Now we will talk about this:

  1. Usage.

It's worth noting that there are two use cases:

  • On the wall;
  • In discussions.

They differ in location and some parameters.

  1. Anonymity.
  1. Answers.

You can both add and remove different answer options. You can add 10 (on the wall) and 20 (in discussions) answers to each vote. In most cases, this will be quite enough for you.

  1. Consolidation.
  1. Media files.

You can attach media files (photos, videos, etc.) to any survey. This allows for wider use of this tool.

  1. Editing.

At any time, you can edit the vote by clicking the corresponding button (three dots - edit). Here you can change the title, answers, anonymity, etc.

How to vote on a VKontakte wall

The process of creating a survey is quite easy and fast. It will take no more time than publishing a post.

So, let's move on to the instructions:

  1. Start creating a new post, you can immediately add text, media files, etc. here.
  2. Click the More button and select Poll.
  1. Enter the name and answer options in the fields that appear. Here you can also add/remove this or that answer.
  1. You can turn anonymity on or off by checking the appropriate box.
  2. Click "Submit".

How to create a vote in discussions

Now let's talk about how a poll is created in community discussions.

First, you need to make sure that discussions are enabled. If they are not there, then follow the instructions:

  1. Go to "Community Management".
  1. On the right, select Sections.
  1. Find the Discussions line and turn it on.
  1. In the “Main block” line, select “Discussions” so that they appear in the middle of the page above the news feed.
  2. Click "Save".

After this, you can proceed to the creation process itself.

  1. Go to the "Discussions" section.
  2. Next, in the upper right corner, click the “Create Topic” button.
  1. Enter the title and text (you cannot leave them blank). Click the "Poll" button at the bottom.
  1. Enter the title and answers and click “Create”.
  1. Next, in the topic itself, click the “Edit topic” button.
  1. Select “Pin survey to home page.”

  1. Save your changes.
  1. If there are no more than 10 answers, then post the vote on the wall so that more people can see it.
  2. If you want a poll to be pinned, but you already have a pinned post that you don't want to delete, then use discussions. This will allow you to both save an existing post and ensure constant visibility.
  3. Analyze in which case the return from community members will be greater: with or without anonymity. And use the appropriate option.
  4. If appropriate, attach a photo/video. This will add more beauty to the recording.
  5. And most importantly, periodically conduct surveys in your group to increase activity.

How to create a poll in a VKontakte group

But surveys are still most often needed by groups. They can be a good promotion tool, especially if you use them skillfully. Voting, for example, makes it possible to hold competitions and determine winners. Or choose which article/book/game will be translated next. Such publics are very popular because participants are involved in the active life of the community.

But not everyone knows that for some communities, not only the owner or administrator, but also a simple group member can create a survey: on the wall. Of course, if it is generally allowed to add any records there.

Technically, everything is quite simple: you again select additional options, and among them is a survey.

Then everything follows the already described algorithm. Again, no one bothers you to add an image, music or file.

If you wish and if the group owner does not mind, you can pin the survey in the community header. To do this, just click on the ellipsis at the top right and select the appropriate option.

Some argue that the most effective option is to post votes in the discussion section. This is very easy to do: on the wall of your VKontakte group you need to find and click the “add discussion” button. But keep in mind that some groups close discussions: in this case, you will not be able to add a poll.

If this is your VKontakte group, then click on the “community management” function located under the group photo on the right. “discussion” section we need will be highlighted in the list of sections

it is located below.
Click on it and select the “open” function.
If you need to close discussions so that no one but you can add them, then select the
“restricted” option.
Next, you need to create a topic for our VK survey. On the voting window that appears, click the “attach” button.

located in the lower corner, and then
after which we come up with and write down its title.
It is also necessary to add answer options, as happens, for example, on ballot papers with a list of candidates. Once all the adjustments and corrections are complete, you can click “create themes”
, and you’re done!

As a rule, administrators and group owners have this ability. If it is the creator who adds the survey, then he has the right to choose on whose behalf to publish it: the community or his own.

If you have a website, then you can also post your survey from VK on it too. To do this, you will need to click the “get code”

, then in the window that appears immediately after clicking the button, copy the HTML code that appears, which you can paste into the page of your site.

As you can see, it's not difficult to figure it out. And it actually takes a minimum of time, just a couple of clicks.

Bottom line

We reviewed VKontakte polls with you. Now you know about them, everything you need to know to use them successfully.

The main thing to remember is that this tool is a way for your subscribers to be more involved in the life of the community, and for managers it is an opportunity to receive feedback from their audience.

VKontakte voting is a very convenient way to find out from users their opinion on any issue: which phone model they prefer, what they do in their free time, how much time they spend on social networks, etc. People like it and group/public administrators can get useful information. Recently, you can even share surveys on your wall, which can have a positive effect on group attendance. Here are some examples of surveys:


Earls is a large chain of affordable family restaurants operating in North America. During peak seasons it has up to 8 thousand employees. Its leaders made it a rule to regularly communicate with subordinates and give them the opportunity to speak out through anonymous surveys. The Wall Street Journal spoke about Earls' practice back in 2015.

In the fall and spring, Earls HR officers conduct scheduled anonymous surveys to monitor the work process, the work of managers, and opportunities for growth.

Regular surveys at Earls revealed that restaurant staff who had to arrive at work at 5am to prepare food in the kitchen felt socially isolated.

In addition to regular "seasonal" surveys, Earls managers often conduct "quick response surveys" for limited groups of employees. They are resorted to in case of failures in the workflow that need to be quickly identified and resolved.


HR Director of the Earls chain Brenda Rigney shares the successes the company has achieved after introducing an anonymous survey system:

  • Reducing personnel recruitment costs by $1 million;
  • Reduce legal costs by 90%;
  • Increased employee retention rate from 28% to 43%.

Voting efficiency

  • Relevant topic. If the group is about flowers, users will not be interested in discussing cars, and gamers will not even think about participating in a survey about dog breeds.
  • Decor. If necessary, add pictures, attract the attention of your visitors to the survey, and carefully consider the answer options.
  • Anonymity. Some surveys (on intimate topics, etc.) should be made anonymous (just check the appropriate box)

Many VK users like to take various votes

This shape always attracts attention. But not everyone knows how to create a VK vote.
Now we will try to consider this topic in detail so that everyone can answer the question of how to vote on VK. First of all, let's pay attention to the opportunities that such voting provides.

What do you need to know before voting on VK?

VK voting has quite interesting additional functions.

1. Sticky voting - done using a special button. The button is located below, above the comment field. In order to use it, you need to expand the recording to full screen. 2. Adding video and audio recordings, photos, tables, etc. to the voting. This is done by clicking the “attach” button. 3. Voting, which will be visible not only on VK, but also on your website - the so-called “widget voting”. It’s quite simple to do – you just need to click the get code button and paste the html code into the appropriate place on the site page.

4. If we add a link to a site to the vote, then an image from this site automatically appears in the voting form, as in regular text entries. 5. Anonymity - only the number of voters is shown, but which of them chose a specific answer option cannot be determined. Many people do not like to expose their personal information, so this feature allows you to increase the number of voters.


Thanks to Washington Post reporters and America's Freedom of Information Act, we can lift the curtain on how personnel decisions are made inside one of the world's most powerful domestic intelligence agencies.

Since 2007, the FBI has used regular anonymous surveys to assess the internal climate in all 56 regional departments of the agency. Inside the company, these surveys are called “smoke detectors.” The survey measures employee morale, commitment to service, leadership competencies, and level of cooperation with other federal agencies.

All FBI employees are surveyed—both operational personnel and support services. Quite voluminous questionnaires are compiled by psychologists and contain several dozen questions. They touch on all the main aspects and problems of the department’s daily work: the feasibility and feasibility of requirements, compliance with professional ethics, management’s ability to cope with negative phenomena, favoritism, and so on.

After analyzing the responses, each department is given an average score from “1” to “5,” where “1” means serious problems and “5” means no problems at all.

In departments that score fewer points, mandatory personnel changes occur. No exceptions are made for anyone: according to the survey results, key employees of the largest departments in New York and Washington were removed in different years.


Anonymous surveys, coupled with a two-stage selection for the personnel reserve (also based on questionnaires), improved the quality of management decisions by 9.5%, according to department analysts. An assistant director of the FBI's HR division called anonymous surveys "a great measurement tool."

How to organize voting in VK so that it works as efficiently as possible?

Of course, you can create a VK poll just for your own entertainment.

However, usually, this is done by people who have a specific goal, for example, selling goods or popularizing their creativity or disseminating any ideas.
When starting to create a VK vote, decide why you are doing it. With the help of such voting, you can actually get an answer to the question you are interested in and at the same time activate that part of your subscribers that was previously passive. You can also use this type of voting to find out the gender and age composition of your subscribers and determine their interests. If this is exactly what interests you, then there is no better move than to make an open vote on VK. After voting, you will be able to study the statistics and see which topics are especially interesting to those who passed the vote. But to do this, the questions themselves need to be attractive.
To do this, we recommend using the following techniques: 1. Before voting, create and pin a post in which you outline the essence of the problem. 2. Formulate the voting question in an interesting, lively, understandable language. 3. Offer original answer options that are relevant and attention-grabbing in their own right. 4. Add a picture, audio or video.

How to vote in VK on the wall?

Every user who visits your VK page can take part in voting on your wall. If such a vote is fixed, you will be able, after its appearance, to add as many entries on the wall as you like, they will not move the vote, and it can continue as long as it is interesting to you. How to do it? The answer to the question of how to create a VK vote on your wall is very simple.

1. Go to your VK page. 2. Activate the field of your entries on the page with the mouse. 3. Click the “attach” button, and then call up the list by clicking on the “other” item. 4. Select “survey” from the list. A voting form will appear.

To create a survey, use the “Attach more” button

5. Complete this form. Here you need to indicate the topic, answer options, indicate open voting or anonymous. 6. If desired, using the “attach” button, add a video or audio recording, photo or other additional elements (tables, maps, graffiti, etc.) 7. Click the submit button. Voting is ready! It is necessary to stipulate the following point: if two answer options are not enough for your vote, you need to click the “add option” item. The maximum number of voting options is ten, the minimum is one.

How to create a survey using Google Forms?

Google Forms is a free service that allows you to conduct audience surveys and collect their contact information. The survey itself can be designed in accordance with the style of your brand.

Google Forms service

In order to take a survey, you must go to the main page of the service, having first, if required, registered a Google account. You can also find Google Forms through Google Drive.

Login to Google Forms via Google Drive - step 1

Login to Google Forms via Google Drive - Step 2

Login to Google Forms via Google Drive - step 3

Fill out the basic information (name of the form and survey, answer options and options for the survey itself). For standard voting, the “One from the list” mode is suitable, so any visitor can choose only one option.

Filling out basic information

Google Forms offers several scenarios for surveys, for example, users can vote on multiple answers or rate something on a scale.

Poll Script Options

You can add various design elements, descriptions, etc. to your survey. Several polls can be conducted within one vote, each of which can be made mandatory by turning on the corresponding slider.

Adding questions to the survey form

To delete answers, just click on the cross next to the one you need.

Deleting survey responses

After creating the survey, click the “Submit” button, select “Custom code”, set the desired dimensions of the form and copy the finished code. Then it can be inserted into any place on the site.

Click the “Send” button

Set the dimensions and copy the finished code

To view the voting results, go to the “Responses” tab inside the poll itself. There you can see a chart that shows the answers in percentage and quantity.

View results

You can attach the Google Sheets service to the survey, this will allow you to automatically upload answers and other data to the selected table. This is extremely convenient when collecting a large amount of data.

In addition to all of the above, Google Forms has ready-made templates that can be easily adjusted to the desired style.

Ready-made templates in Google Forms

How to vote in a VK group

For VK groups, such a form of work as voting is even more important and popular than for individual users. It significantly enlivens the life of the group, allows you to find interesting topics and adjust the direction of work. Therefore, not only any group admin, but also all its participants should know how to create a VK vote in a group.

The main feature of voting in a group is that in some groups only the admin can post a poll on the main page. But how to vote on VK in a group of this type if you do not have administrator rights? To do this you need to create a topic. In the topic title, click “edit” and then “attach poll”. After the voting form appears, proceed as described above, that is, indicate the voting topic, answer options, anonymous or public, attach all the necessary additional files. Then click the “create survey” button.

How can I view voting statistics?

Owners and administrators of public sites add surveys for a reason, but for a specific purpose. For example, they want to find out who liked a certain product the most and collect marketing data.

Then the “Show graph” button will appear. Just click to see how the voting proceeded chronologically. And if you click on the survey, you will be shown a picture by country, city, and age. You can also use a special filter to distribute users in some other way. If the survey was conducted openly (that is, not anonymously), then you will see a specific list.

There is also a button “Distribution of shares”

. Everything is shown there as a percentage. In general, studying voting statistics is very useful. It allows you to check whether there were any attempts to invert the survey in a specific direction. For example, this guarantees fair victory in various competitions.

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