How to tag friends and untag photos in Odnoklassniki

The Odnoklassniki social network has one interesting feature that allows you to tag friends in a photo, of which they will be immediately notified, and other users, having opened the photo, will be able to follow a link to their personal page to view the profile. If you have never encountered such a task before, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following methods to understand the principle of setting a mark.

First of all, let’s clarify that you can only tag yourself or friends in the photo. Accordingly, if you have not yet added a person to your friends list, but want to tag him, you will not be able to do this. Be sure to submit your request first and make sure it is accepted. Read more about this in another material on our website.

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How to tag a friend in a post or comment on Instagram?

The tag in the photo appears in the friend's account. Not everyone wants to litter their profile with such marks. A good option in this case would be to mention the person in the comments. This way, the post will not appear on someone else’s profile, but people will know who exactly is on the post. Let's look at how you can tag someone under a post.

The algorithm is as follows:

  1. Open the desired publication.

  2. Click on the circle icon.
  3. Comments will open. Here we write “@” and start entering a nickname.
  4. A list of suggested “targets” will open. We can continue to enter until the desired nickname appears.
  5. All that remains is to write the text and click on “Publish”. You can do it without text, just leave a mention.

You can also tag the user on the post itself. In this case, our post will appear on his page in a special section, and his subscribers will be able to watch it. If, of course, it allows display. This mark can be added already at the stage of creating a post. We will look into the case if you forgot to do this.

  1. Open the desired post and click on the three dots above the upper right corner.
  2. Select "Edit".
  3. The editing interface will open. Here we need to click on the person icon in the lower left corner.

  4. Click on the part of the image where we want to place the user's nickname.
  5. Let's start writing a nickname. And write in full or select from the list provided.

No friends

True, this is not the only option that can be offered. Sometimes you want to tag a user in an image who is not on your friends list. Some believe that the idea is impossible to realize.

But this is not true at all. How to tag a person in a photo on VK if he is not a friend? You do everything exactly the same as in the previous case. Log in to your profile, open the image in the photo album and click on the “Add” and “Done” button. You will now see a mark on the image. True, the system will not redirect you to the user profile.

Remember, if you are thinking about how to tag a person in VK in a photo, then he should be on your friends list. This is the only way you will receive a redirect link under the image.

How can I see posts in which I have been tagged?

When it comes to comments, there is no section on the social network where you can view these tags. This is the disadvantage of such a mention. It is often used by spammers or those who organize pranks - a common condition is to tag several friends in the comments.

The marks on the photos themselves are collected on the page in one section of the account, if the person, of course, has allowed this. You can view them in your account. There will be two tabs above the publications. One with a square, and the other with a person in a square. To see the marks, select the second one.


Suitable for accounts with a large product catalog. There is one main account where we work with the audience, “warm up the buyer”, work on engagement and coverage, and there are technical accounts for individual products. These pages only tell you about these items, how to order, and how much they cost. A well-known case of Instagram catalog is Ikea. We created several page accounts in which we divided our products into areas: tables, lamps, textiles, and so on, and made the main account to which we drove traffic. Another year, they made Instagram pages in which they divided the products by price. There is one main Ikea account, which can link to the “Ikea_399r” account, in which everything is 399 ₽.

The same mechanics can be used to hide any unwanted content from the main account, or to transfer subscribers to a closed Instagram.

Before the introduction of galleries, some clinics and doctors made their accounts beautiful and attractive, and at the same time maintained an account with medical “horror films”; using tags, they could show real medical stories to interested subscribers, and develop a personal account for everyone. There is one Instagram guru who created a private Instagram account for training, the entrance to which was paid. Basically, you need to agree with the guru, pay for training, and you get to a closed account where you can study and communicate with other students.

How to stop tagging yourself in a photo?

We can customize the display of tags in your account. It is impossible to prohibit writing your nickname in comments. You can only turn on filtering, censor what people write on your page. So, if your name is frequently spammed, there is nothing you can do about it.

With tags on the photo itself, everything is much simpler. You can customize the display of these posts on your page. Everything is done the same on Android and iPhone. On a computer, the instructions are slightly different. Therefore, I give you two algorithms of action:

Via phone

Instagram was created for the phone. Therefore, there are more options here for setting up your account. Instructions for displaying marks:

  1. Open your page. To do this, click on the icon with the person. It will be on the right in the lower horizontal menu.
  2. Click on the three horizontal lines. They are in the upper right corner.
  3. In the menu that opens, select “Settings”.
  4. Click on the “Confidentiality” item.
  5. Here, in the “Interactions” tab, there will be “Tags”. That's what we need.

  6. Here is the “Add automatically” option. If you make it active, all marks will be shown automatically, and you can independently choose which publications subscribers will see.

Via computer

Although the functionality of a social network via a computer is limited, this privacy can still be configured. The algorithm is as follows:

  1. Open your account.
  2. Click on the nut next to the words “Edit profile”.

  3. In the menu that appears, select “Privacy and Security”.

  4. We need a “Photos of you” tab. Choose automatic or manual mode.


On the Internet you can find applications that help you understand our question. That is, they not only allow you to add people to photos, but also insert redirect links to them even if the users are not added to your friends list.

In fact, if you are wondering how to tag a person in a photo on VK, remember: there are no programs to implement this idea. All this is pure deception.

True, there is one small exception. We are talking about the official VKontakte application for mobile devices. In this case, the process of marking a person in a photograph occurs in exactly the same way as on a computer. Log in, open the image, find the inscription “OVK”, if not “OVKontakte” has set a limit on marks. More than 50 redirecting links cannot be placed under one photo. This means that there is a limit, and exceeding it is unacceptable. If you tag 50 people, the “OK” inscription or any other button confirming the start of action disappears. Which hosting should you choose? There are a lot of them. Something like “Tag all VKontakte friends in the photo” will do. It is impossible to give a specific name now, because this technique has long been outdated.

In addition, if you are interested in how to tag a person in a photo on VK (or rather, all your friends at once), just find a special script that will allow you to do this. You copy it, then open the desired image and instead of the inscription, paste the inscription from the clipboard. Then press Enter and look at the result. Don't forget to click "Done" above the photo at the end of the process. This option, however, has not always worked lately either. So, most likely, you will have to make do with the usual methods of marking.

Virtual communication is at the peak of popularity these days. Social networks perform many useful functions for modern people. If you want to meet your long-awaited soulmate, make friends with like-minded people, find classmates who have dispersed to different parts of the world, or just chat, then you have a direct route to the vastness of the most popular social resource, Vkontakte. Perhaps it is here that you will notice in someone’s photograph someone whom you have long dreamed of finding. In this article we will look in detail at all the pros and cons of photos - tagging and how to tag a person in a photo in a VK album.

Quick navigation:

Due to automation, the VKontakte engine will send notifications to all citizens on whom you put tags. Once the flagged person receives notification of the flag, he can confirm or deny it by deleting it. This function is available only to registered visitors of the social network.

In most cases, this technique is used to congratulate on holidays, as a reminder of an event, or to notify friends about the fact that their photos have been posted on their pages. After confirming that the photo has been published, friends have the opportunity to look at it. If someone does not like the published image, they can ask for the photo to be removed. If you respect your friend, then it is better to comply with the request in order to maintain friendly relations and comply with the rules of netiquette. Now you know how to tag friends on VK.

How to tag a person on VK? Simple enough! The functionality of the options of this network is very convenient and understandable. In order to tag a person in a photo, you need to open the necessary photo, which should already be uploaded to the VK photo album. Below, under the photo, the inscription will open: “tag a person.” Click on the button. The screen will become a little darker, and an o will appear at the top of the window, and the system will prompt you to select an area in the photo where the mark will be located. Then you need to select the person (entirely or just the face) whom you want to “sign”.

A window will open next to the highlighted area, containing a list of all the friends on your account. You can select marks from the list or write a different name and nickname.

The new version of VK involves highlighting even your own photo with your own mark! In addition, the new version of VK is different in that you can tag not only people here. Let's say it is possible to select any object and sign its name.

The marks of those you have already designated will be located on the right. If necessary, you will have the opportunity to remove unnecessary marks from the list. The person you tagged in the photo can do the same.

After clicking on the “Done” button, you will see a congratulations message that you have successfully completed the task! Now anyone who moves the mouse cursor over a mark about a person will be able to recognize who it is. Now you are aware of how to tag a person in a photo.

The World Wide Web also makes it possible to tag all your friends at once. You can find a lot of notes online about techniques for tagging all your friends in a photo at the same time. They all boil down to the use of several third-party scripts that can do this instead of the account owner. All websites promoting this tagging method ask you to copy the code and paste it after the page address in your browser. This way you can figure out how to tag your VK friends, all at once. No one can stop you from using this method. But at the same time, it is important to understand that the introduction of similar scripts can equally help in one matter and annoy in another. Here everything directly depends on the script developer and the goals pursued by him.

Remember: all kinds of third-party programs and scripts for social networks and instant messengers can lead to sad results. With their support, scammers can steal data such as login/password for a public network, and even more important data (information about bank cards and electronic accounts is not excluded, if you have one on your PC). It wouldn’t hurt to know simple tips for protection (See.

Tagging a friend on a VKontakte photo using a phone is also not difficult. To do this you need to do the following:

  1. Let's go to . Go to the left row of the menu in My Photos. And open the photo in which you will tag your friend.
  2. The text “tag a person” will appear on the right under the photo. Click on the text.
  3. We select the desired person and click on his image, without releasing it, but moving it to the side. This creates a rectangular area that needs to be placed on the person being tagged.
  4. In the resulting list of friends, you need to select a tagged person or enter a name in the field yourself. Then click add.
  5. Thus, the person is marked. Whether the mark is preserved or refuted depends on the person who was marked, since he has the right to cancel the mark.

Now you know that tagging a person in a photo from your phone is not difficult.

In addition to tagging a person in a photo, VKontakte makes it possible to highlight the desired person on the wall. This process is not difficult. First of all, you need to select the person you want to tag and the place where you will tag him; in our case, this is the wall where we post our news.

Now we begin the actions that will create a post tagged with a friend:

  1. You must enter the * or @ sign in the field for posting news on the wall. The system will prompt us to enter the name of a friend or the name of a community, because no one knows better than the VK system how to tag a person in a photo and on a wall.
  2. Add the id of the selected user or the name of the community. It is important to know that you only need to add the id (for example, /id1) without extraneous links.
  3. After the username appears, you need to click on it.
  4. Now you can enter text or write a message. Please note that you can enter text both before and after the instructions described above. This process depends only on your wishes.
  5. Only your friends will receive notifications about posts tagged. Now you know how to tag a person on VK on the wall.

Sometimes you want to tag a person in an image who is not on your friends list. Some people think that it is not possible to realize the idea.

But this is not true at all. How can you tag a person in a photo on VK if he is not on your friends list? You need to do everything exactly the same as in the case of tagging friends. Log in to your personal profile, open the images in the photo album and click on the “Tag a person” button. What's next? After the square pointer is configured, you need to enter the first and last name (nickname, nickname) of the tagged user in the field above the list of friends. All you have to do is click on the “Add” and “Finish” buttons. Now a mark will appear on the image. However, it is not possible to redirect a tag to a profile via a link.

It often happens that VKontakte users simply do not have the opportunity to tag people in the photo. The inscription we need under the image is missing. She is not there and after several attempts she still does not appear. Honestly, this is not something to be afraid of.

How to tag a person in a photo on VK if there is no “Tag Person” button? In such a case, we can advise you to duplicate the image (save and upload it again to the album on your page) and try again. This phenomenon occurs quite often among sociable users, because the VKontakte website provides for a limit on marks. One photo should be limited to no more than 50 redirect links. There is a limit, and exceeding it is not allowed. If you have already tagged 50 people, the inscription: “Tag a person” disappears. If it is missing and without exceeding the limit, just try refreshing the page. You may have to do this several times. No one can deny that this is a very common glitch in the system that prevents all menu options from being displayed to everyone.

If you want to tag friends in a VKontakte photo, but don’t know how to do it, then our material with detailed instructions will help you with this. Tag friends on VKontakte photos is a function that allows the user of the VKontakte social media platform to put marks on selected areas of the photo, with subsequent notification of tagged friends.

When we get to the website of the social network VKontakte, we cannot even imagine what technologies are used by its developers and marking a person using a dedicated area is very original, and most importantly convenient. Let's look at how you can tag friends in a VKontakte image using visualized descriptions and detailed instructions as an example.

In order to tag a VKontakte user in a photo, you will first need to log in to your account. Then, using the convenient photo cataloging inside the VKontakte social network, select the desired photo in which you want to tag your friends. Next, click on the image, after which it will open on top of your VKontakte page.


It is impossible to tag your VKontakte friends in photos located in the [Photos from my page] album.

After you have remembered all the participants in last year’s swim, you need to find the active link [Tag person] under the photo, on the right side, and click on it.

Now in the photo, instead of the usual mouse cursor (arrow), you will have a cross. In order to select a certain fragment of the photo, hold down the left mouse button and select the desired area. As shown in our example, the image below.

Then, next to the selected area, a pop-up window [Enter name] will appear, and inside it will be a line where you will need to enter the first or last name of your friend whom you want to tag in the photo. Directly below the input line, a list of your friends will be displayed, and of course, the first in this list you will see the letter [I] - this is a link to your profile, in other words, you can tag yourself too. The line where you enter and search for the person you want is smart and will display a complete list of your friends. If you want to tag a person who is not registered on the VKontakte social network, then this can also be done, for this you will need to enter everything in the same line, the displayed name or surname of your friend.

Once you have found the friend you need, you click the [Add] button, thereby tagging your friend in the photo. If you mark several users, then continue to perform similar actions, after you have finished, you will need to click the button located in the upper right corner, [Done].

When you have tagged all the friends you need, you can make sure that you have not forgotten anyone; you can do this directly under the photo. Before the inscription [In this photo:], you will see the entire list of people marked in this image. And if you hover the cursor over the name of a tagged VKontakte user, a highlighted area will be displayed in the photo.

When you tagged all your friends in your VKontakte photo

Tag friends on a VKontakte photo - this means not only registering a list of people who are present in the image, but also automatically sending notifications to all your friends whom you have tagged. After receiving the notification, your friend or acquaintance will either confirm the tagged photo or not, and, of course, you understand that only registered VKontakte users can do this.

How to theoretically tag all friends at once on a VKontakte photo

Theoretically, you can most likely tag all your VKontakte friends in one photo automatically; there is a lot of information on the Internet on how to do this. But it all comes down to the same two or three scripts that supposedly can do this. On all sites telling about such miracles, you need to copy the text and paste it after the Internet address. If for some reason you need to tag all your friends, try it at your own peril and risk, but personally we do not recommend it. Any third-party programs and scripts used unauthorizedly on the VKontakte social network can lead to disastrous consequences, remember this.

Mark a place on the map of your photo with friends

In addition to tagging with friends, on your photo you can indicate the place where the event took place or where this photo was taken. To do this, you will need to find the active [Specify location] link under the names of your tagged friends and click on it.

This action will cause a command to pop up with a world map, inside the map there will be a search window, standard buttons to zoom in and out on the map, switch to scheme, satellite, hybrid and the [Save location] button.

You can also switch between Yandex and Mapbox maps, and in order to find the place where the photo was taken, simply type in the search window, country, city, street and house, and then click [Save location] and your geotag will be installed.

Now, between the description and tagged friends of your photo, there will be the inscription [Place:], and after it the address you specified directly.

What should I do with spammers who tag me in advertising photos?

Spammers often use tags for their own purposes. What to do with them? Basically, there is nothing you can do. But is it worth it? We can and most likely have already done so to prohibit the display of such photographs. Posts with comments are not displayed on the page and do not interfere with anything. So, I advise you to give up and file a complaint so that the scammer is blocked.

How to tag friends on Instagram? You can do this in two ways: in the comments or on the photo itself. Both options are good; any mention will appear in notifications. And in both cases you will need to know the user's nickname.

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